DesertBus 8 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 8 - Day 4

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
72:00--Driver Shift ChangeKathleen's shift begins--
72:0372:04StoryKathleen educates everyone about anglerfish
72:07--Enter/ExitExit Alex--
72:1272:12PhysicalJames and Liz play TwistDERP
72:14--Drive/GiveawayAvengers 8 bit cross stitch for $6.66 (Raised $572.76)RebelcatX?--
72:16--Drive/GiveawayHolographic card challenge: Draw Kathleen's cats (3rd Place: Trudi, 2nd Place: rose_nightshade)TahkiBK--
72:1972:19SkitKathleen tells people where they can send their DB complaints
72:2172:23SkitKathleen lists 5 things she "hates" about Graham
72:2372:23RDPRDP: Painkillr - Erika Jayne
72:2372:24StoryKathleen describes the extent of Graham's T-shirt collection
72:2972:31SkitPaul and Kathleen dress like vikings
72:3472:36StoryKathleen discusses Snorsh
72:3672:41SkitLiz and Kathleen debate whose Thanksgiving is better
72:4172:43SongO Canada to make fun of Americans
72:4572:47OtherDiscussion of Canada's flag
72:46--TechnicalStream hicup--
72:47--ShoutoutNew photos--
72:4972:49OtherKathleen Curses on camera but it goes unnoticed--
72:5272:52OtherKathleen Battles the American Flag--
72:5672:58StoryKathleen reports on Viking Invasions of Snorsh
72:5873:00StoryHistory lesson of England and France with Kathleen
73:0073:26GuestHey Ash Burch Call-in
73:2973:31OtherFan brings in baked goods, explains
73:3173:32RDPRDP: Church of the Poisoned Minds - Culture Club
73:3373:36SongPika sings The Island Song from Adventure Time
73:4073:42SkitKathleen, Paul, Jordan narrate the thoughts of 3 kittens experiencing their first snow
73:4373:44OtherDinosaurs! How should we know?
73:4573:45RDPRDP: One Week - Barenaked Ladies
73:4674:00Drive/GiveawayGame code giveaway for "Bad facts"--
73:5173:51CrashTina Fey crashes (#14)--
73:5373:53Shame TicketKathleen crashed the bus--
73:55--MilestoneNew driver is named CATBUS--
73:5673:58SkitKathleen explains why Boards of Canada is bad for $5 a minute
73:5974:00PhysicalEveryone crowds onto 1 couch again, Liz steals Serge's shame ticket pad
74:01Drive/GiveawayLimited Resources care package - $7.41 (raised $2741)tangletrail--
74:06--Enter/ExitEnter Tally--
74:09--Shame TicketShame ticket: Liz wore a tie incorrectly--
74:1074:10RDPRDP: Roll Over Beethoven - Electric Light Orchestra
74:1174:17SongTara and others sing Gaston's song to Kathleen
74:1874:23OtherPlugging the LR giveaway again--
74:2374:25StoryKathleen talks about her cat's food preferences
74:2574:26OtherTalk about DB down time?
74:2674:35OtherSilent auction review--
74:36--MilestoneAmericans outnumber Canadians--
74:3874:39OtherHair dye talk
74:4074:40RDPRDP: The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
74:4074:41Meltdown$10k donation from anonymous, Kathleen freaks out
74:40--Milestone230K GET--
74:4174:41RDPRDP: Daft Punk - Get Lucky Wit It (Mashup Video) - Will Smith - FilmHarvest
74:4374:44RDPRDP - Prisencolinensinainciusol - Adriano Celentano
74:44--AchievementKickin' it up a Notch--
74:4674:47OtherKathleen requests dicksounds for the graph's spring upwards--
74:4874:52SkitKathleen & Serge gives inside hockey style sports commentary on Blitzball
74:5274:52RDPRDP: Fascination - Alphabeat
74:53--The DeviceCruise Control--
74:5474:57SkitMatt gives horrible workout advice for deadlifts
74:58--Enter/ExitEnter Kim--
75:0175:17AuctionAdventure Time crocheted plushies (sold for $3,500)scottgoblue
75:07--CrashTina Fey crashes, possibly due to THE DEVICE (#15)--
75:17--Milestone240K GET--
75:1875:19RDPRDP: Africa - Toto
75:2175:22SongLiz grabs Ashley for mumble core Africa
75:21--Shame TicketAshley gets shamed for missing Africa--
75:2275:25OtherBad Facts contest winners
75:23--MilestoneDriver Name: ScottGoU--
75:2775:31PhysicalSerge and Tara do a walkoff, zoolander style. Surprise Contestant James wins![✓]
75:3676:19Drive/GiveawayBorderlands Espionage Cosmetics giveaway ($5.27 donation drive) (Raised $548.08)Avala Maki--
75:4375:44RDPRDP: DARE - Gorillaz
75:4575:46TechnicalMatt shows off the random dance party button--
75:4675:46RDPRDP: I Love Science - Hank Green
75:4875:51StoryKathleen tells The Real Story of Pompeii
75:4875:54PhysicalThe floor is lava--
75:5275:54OtherSilent auction review--
75:5575:55PhysicalThe floor is cats, Liz stomps cats
75:5675:56OtherTally shows off her kitty dress--
75:5675:57RDPRDP: Hello DJ - Siriusmo
75:56--PrankEngineering messes with Tally while she shows off her cat dress--
75:5776:00Video/ImageSpider-dog video reactions
76:0076:06SkitMatt, Paul and James try to buy a secret bread recipe from Kathleen
76:0676:09OtherCosmetics giveaway review and sweetening--
76:1076:11DanceTally & James dance to the kitty cat song
76:1176:16Video/ImageCat emojis on lower third--
76:1276:16OtherJames has to prove that he is James
76:16--PrankSkulls invade the lower third--
76:1776:18RDPRDP: PON PON PON - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
76:1976:20StoryKathleen tells us how Japan was Founded
76:2676:30SongEveryone (except for Kathleen) sings "Make a Man Out of You"
76:3176:41StoryThe group discusses their tastes in music, esp. Kathleen's dislike of Disney songs
76:4276:45StoryThey talk about people with super-senses
76:4776:50DanceThe group dances to Caramelldansen
76:5176:51SkitIan comes in with lintroller spaceship and the group hums the Star Trek theme!
76:5376:55ReadingIan reads the Doom Fanfic in his overemphasized Canadian accentsektor88
76:5576:55PhysicalPika does a cartwheel
76:5676:56OtherFiller Pika--
76:56--OtherMaya/Felix uses stream delay to say hi to her future self--
76:57--TechnicalBrief 4:3--
76:5877:00SkitThe Lunar Module is the Enterprise, it's under attack!
77:0177:02GameKathleen makes up two real facts and one fake fact, group guesses which is fake
77:0277:30GuestThe Doubleclicks Call-in
77:05--MilestoneFirst bananasuit on Desert Bus--
77:0777:32Drive/GiveawayDoubleclicks Dimetrodon plush + ultra rare doubleclicks merch ($6.50 donation drive) Raised $936Mike Smith--
77:0877:11SongLove You Like a Burrito - The Doubleclicks
77:1177:11$8 EatsThe Doubleclicks' burrito recipe--
77:11--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
77:2177:25SongCats at Parties - The Doubleclicks
77:25--Enter/ExitExit Liz--
77:3177:32ShoutoutVST Shoutout--
77:3477:38SkitKathleen narrates a nature documentary about The Graham and they show the traditional mating dance
77:3878:32Drive/GiveawayLady Planeswalker Society Playmat ($7.12 donation drive) Raised $526.98VictoKai?--
77:4077:41Video/ImageAwwwwww it's Baxter (Graham's cat)--
77:4577:45OtherKathleen receives a gift basket from anonymous
77:4777:48RDPRDP: Welcome to the Jungle - Guns 'N Roses
77:5077:50OtherSkull on skull violence
77:5377:57SongTally sings Fidelity by Regina Spektor
77:55--Milestone$250K! - $1000 drop from Fangamer--
77:5777:58RDPRDP: And We Danced - Macklemore
77:5877:59OtherGraham shows off the custom cookie designs
78:0078:04PhysicalEveryone tries donated cookies from Rocky Mountain Cookies
78:0378:04StoryKathleen will not be buying a Persona 3DS, talks about Shin Megami Tensei
78:0878:09OtherKathleen wants all the rare guest-a-mons for a live Feed Dump--
78:0878:12SongKathleen, Matt, and others sing Hooked on a Feeling as sung by The Hoff
78:1378:13OtherMatt reminds an Alex to go to work at 8:30--
78:13--ShoutoutShoutout to Fernwood Coffee--
78:1578:16PhysicalThe crew move the driver chair back to its normal position "hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup!"
78:1678:16SongKathleen sings a traditional Snorsh lullaby
78:1678:17PhysicalKathleen is the President!
78:1778:18Shame TicketJohnny is a traitor to the state--
78:1878:18Shame TicketSerge doesn't understand that he lives in a constitutional monarchy--
78:18--Video/ImageHer Majesty the Queen judges Kathleen--
78:1978:23StoryKathleen explains Snorsh
78:2478:26SongGraham sings Combination Pizza hut Taco bell - Das Racist
78:2678:27MeltdownKathleen makes a religious joke
78:2878:29ShoutoutSerge says thank you to Hellonia for food "for the feeding of Ken Steacy"--
78:3178:31OtherKathleen names a Cat Mentor spirit for someone's Shadowrun game, "Zendra Myaxx"
78:3378:35StoryKathleen tells a story about her tights, which she found on the street
78:3679:06GuestNPR call-in / interview (Kathleen fangirls)
78:54--Enter/ExitEnter Jim-Jams (James)--
79:0179:01ShoutoutGraham mentions the VST to NPR!--
79:0679:06RDPRDP: Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
79:0879:15The DeviceLefty--
79:09--OtherColin (GeneSation) brings by baked treats--
79:1080:02Drive/GiveawayMTG Garruk Nerf Axe and SDCC planeswalker cards $8.28 (Raised $9671)sampy104--
79:15--CrashKathleen blames The Device again (#16)--
79:15--Shame TicketThe Device gets shamed for crashing--
79:15--PosterHot sauce Kathleen added -
79:1879:38SkitLive Feed Dump! (Featuring Kathleen, Graham, Andrew, Serge, and Maya/Felix) Everyone is a mode of THE DEVICE
79:18--MilestoneBus Name: DEVICE--
79:20--SkitSegment 1: Horse Poop. Maya cracks.--
79:24--SkitSegment 2: Napoleon's hat sold--
79:27--SkitSegment 3: Naked teenager caught stealing keys to neighboring parked cars while his house was on fire--
79:32--SkitSegment 4: One of CA's largest newspapers asked their reporters to deliver their papers on Sundays--
79:4079:40PhysicalMaya/Felix and Andrew do a running high five
79:4379:43RDPRDP: Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
79:43--Physical$2 for each shoe taken off and thrown in the air--
79:43--PhysicalJames Spins in chair--
79:43--PhysicalLord Chrusher does 20 pushups--
79:44--DiscussionTalking about Graham behind his back--
79:44--SkitIan talks about DB as Jeremy Clarkson--
79:45--DanceRoomful of bad Jazzercise--
79:46--PhysicalEveryone stands on one foot for 1 minute--
79:46--PhysicalJohnny flails around like a squid--
79:47--GameRock paper scissors tournament (Chrusher wins)--
79:48--OtherSimon only speaks in Danish for 3 minutes --
79:49--TechnicalRDP is BROKEN--
79:49--PhysicalEpic Sax guy head nod with Simon closeup--
79:50--SongGraham does the mario to epic Sax guy--
79:51--PhysicalMatt spins as fast as he can and texts--
79:5279:52RDPRDP: I'm a Believer - Smash Mouth
79:52--TechnicalStream blips back and forth between 4:3 and normal--
79:5479:56OtherSilent auction review--
79:5679:59StoryStory of how IQ2000 and Kathleen met
80:0380:04StorySimon talks about his shirt in Danish
80:03--Enter/ExitEnter Dix--
80:0580:05OtherReview of sold silent auctions--
80:0580:07OtherGraham notices the poster update, everyone checks it out--
80:0980:09PhysicalEveryone stretches for time, literally--
80:1180:12PlugPlugging the DB8 shirt--
80:1280:14Enter/ExitKen Steacy enters with the Geiger Counter as is tradition
80:1283:30GuestKen Steacy time[✓]
80:13--OtherSurprise! It was Alex all along! (in Alice dress)--
80:13--Enter/ExitOMG ITS ASTRO BOY (Ken Steacy enters)[✓]--
80:14--MeltdownJohnny breaks--
80:14--Enter/ExitAlso wife of Astro Boy (Mama Steacy)--
80:16--DiscussionKen Discusses wanting more nicknames than Matt -
80:18--DiscussionKen discusses what foods he brought--
80:20--DiscussionKen introduces himself--
80:22--DiscussionKen's work history--
80:23DiscussionKen talks about the commissions--
80:2681:00Drive/GiveawayCommissioned "Sketch" - $9.99 donation drive - Raised $2557.44Aidyn_--
80:2781:00Drive/GiveawayA Caricatoon by Joan Steacy - $5.99 donation drive - Raised $395.34punkrockzoologist--
80:31--Video/ImageAlex's Mom is shown drawn as a Homestuck--
80:3380:44AuctionKen Steacy will create a portrait of the winner (Sold for $3400)impsylove
80:34--Video/ImageOmega_Lairon's winning painting shown (previous winner), dave_random as Inspector Gadget--
80:37--TechnicalFailed Dance Party attempt--
80:41--Video/ImagePicture Omega_Lairon sent to Ken for a reference--
80:4480:46TechnicalOverlay goes insane, then dies a violent death into a test page--
80:46--TechnicalStream video restored--
80:4780:52DiscussionKen talks about the game "X-men: Mojo World" and shows off his other auction items and giveaways
80:49--Behind the ScenesEngineering whoops--
80:5281:00AuctionKen Steacy Trading Card Lot plus free custom sketch card (Sold for $2501)omega_lairon
81:0481:15Auction90's X-Men Poster + Original Working Drawing Print (Sold for $1410)mousehab
81:1681:23AuctionOriginal artwork for Harry Potter trading card box (Sold $1000)tiny_ghost_of_emily_carr[✓]
81:22--Milestone$50k shift total - Don't Doubt the Ken--
81:2881:34StoryKen talks about one of his students - suddenly feels. TOO MANY FEELS!
81:3581:43AuctionHulk Cover Sketch + AD FOR JOUST (Sold $1100)sephishero
81:3582:15Drive/GiveawayKen Steacy 4C Lot - $7.77 donation drivecaptainender--