DesertBus 6 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 6 - Day 7

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
144:00144:01Driver Shift ChangeMorgan's shift ends, Jer drives--
144:08144:17AuctionAuction: Shadowcat, Havoc & Arcade original full colour art plus Origonal sketch - Winner: TastyLaksa for $699.00!TastyLaksa
144:17145:18Drive/Giveaway$8.88 Challenge: Mars Attacks Hardcover Compilation! (Surprise giveaway!) & Mars Attacks Poster & Unopened Box of the 1995 Edition of the cards & Original Sketch - Winner: BeckbatBeckbat--
144:24144:30AuctionAuction: Doctor Doom original full colour art - Winner: sideralarts for $600.00! sideralarts--
144:32144:42AuctionAuction: custom portrait piece by Ken Steacy - 8.5x11 - Winner: TastyLaksa for $1,518.48!TastyLaksa[✓]
144:43145:01AuctionAuction: Star Wars Illustration Limited Edition Boxed Book & Print Set! (live surprise auction!) - #18 of 400 - Sweeteners: Tribute book to Ralph Mcquarrie & 2 Star Wars Micro Machines Prints - Winner: KiWiB0RG for $5,008.32!KiWiB0RG
144:52--MilestoneDB5's donation total is passed!--
145:04145:14AuctionAuction: custom full colour piece by Ken Steacy - 16 x 20 - Sweetened with BBQ dinner with Ken (if you're ever in town) - Winner: Keith-K for $3,600.00!Keith-K--
145:22--Other$6 secret: Ken Snores like a chainsaw--
145:27145:30ReadingMorgan reads the winner of his driver prize submission--
145:32--$6 Secrets$6 secret from Jer: He withheld that his D&D character was a girl from Tally for 6 months while telling her about the character--
145:35--$6 Secrets$6 secret from Raymond: He lost a bunch of his marbles in the old house to a hole in the floor by the fireplace--
145:36--$6 Secrets$6 secret Grant's first name is actually James--
145:37--$6 Secrets$6 secret Ashley should have a gap between her 2 front teeth, it is filled in with fake tooth--
145:38--$6 Secrets$6 secret at Jess's old job her nicname was: Cramtor--
145:39--$6 Secrets$6 secret Alex and Raymond's middle names Named after ??? and ??--
145:40--$6 Secrets$6 secret: Graham's full name is Graham Stewart Rupert Stark, thought the Rupert in his name was supposed to mean Rupert the bear.--
145:42147:10Drive/GiveawayDriver Challenge: Portal Lightbox Sign - $10-19 winning amount will be decided by a die roll - Jer rolls (a 2 $12 is the key bid) - Winner: GaussianGaussian--
145:49145:53SongAndy sings "One Night More" (DesertBus themed)
145:56146:04ReadingSecret reading time!--
146:05--PosterPoster update - v12 (final update) -
146:10146:15Song64k dance party! to: Loading Ready Rap--
146:15--Milestone400K Get!--
146:16--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
146:16146:20DanceCelebratory Gangam style for 400K--
146:17--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
146:25146:28DancePika, Kate, and Kathleen Carmel dance while going to the store while frumping--
146:30146:31OtherAlex attempts to watch a youtube video without laughing.--
146:31146:37PhysicalRed Bus Green Bus--
146:33--Game EventJer gets a point! pt:cr updated to: 12:11--
146:37--CrashPika crashes the bus. Pt:Cr 12:12--
146:42--Game EventSuccessful Bus Stop! by Jer--
146:43--ReadingMorgan "I can't hold it in any longer i love you mooncalm"
146:46147:05AuctionAuction: The Length of Desert Bus 6 Scarf, Piggy key chain, Bracelet, Movie Poster hand mirror, Crochet Pig, Sweeten the Pig Glass Plate, Giant Googley Eyes - Winner: Snowfire for $2,910.00!Snowfire--
147:06147:07OtherRe-enter Ken with finished "Sketch" --
147:07--Enter/Exitexit Ken--
147:08--Enter/ExitExit Beej--
147:14148:04Drive/Giveaway$5 - Giveaway: Huge box of Escapist stuff--
147:33149:22Drive/GiveawayTwitter #DESERTBUS Contest for a 3DS & Mario Kart 7 - Dix WINS!Dix--
147:34148:33AuctionAuction: (Secret auction) LRR table top cover, LRR Season 2 DVD, After Hours DVD, Graham's Yummies T-Shirt, LRR Live T-Shirt, Nort West T-Shirt, Binder of Shooting Script for Friday Nights, LRR Ninja Bees Shirt, Binder with LRR Live script & programs, Kathleen's Apple Shirt, Jame's Monkey Hoodie, WII Play shirt of every size, Broadcast of VERY early Graham and Paul (Raised: $2,015.00!)wartjr2373
147:53148:00StoryKathleen tells Cam stories--
148:00148:02SongJer and Tally sing Mother I'm Here from Bastion
148:04148:08OtherStages of Desert Bus "Peek Bus"--
148:33148:34SkitGraham & Paul's FIRST video--
148:42149:41Drive/Giveaway$6.60 challenge: "Super Sweet Pig" The Geek Chic HQ package of distinguished gaming, Cherry Wood Deck Box, Mustache Monocles, Double Fine T-Shirt, Piggy Keychain, Laser Cut Majora's Mask Broach, Dead Rising 2, Munchkin Book Marks, Piggy Soaps, Googley Eyes, Pig Button - Winner: SatchamobobSatchamobob--
148:48149:19GameJenga Time! - With: Graham, Brent, James, Liz, Kathleen - 7 single block levels 25 levels high - James falls the tower
149:24--PrankPika IN A BOX--
149:26--Milestone152 hours!!!!!--
149:31149:33SongThe Tale of Matt Wiggins (again)
149:35--Milestone420k GET!--
149:35149:38MeltdownLiz gets exposed to The "How to Pronounce" series on youtube, QWOPs balls--
149:38149:39MeltdownQWOP-O'Clock forizzle-dizzles ...but isn't it ALWAYS QWOP-O'clock?--
149:43Drive/GiveawayCreative challenge: Commentary for the "Going to the Store" video in the style of "Werner Herzog" for Leather Desert Bus for Hope wrist band--
149:52150:07SkitQWOPline #3
149:58150:00PhysicalFill this Man (Graham) With Cream, then Liz gets filled with Cream and sprays it all over Jer and Tally--
149:59--Milestone425k GET!--
150:08--Enter/ExitEnter Pall, no trowel--
150:08151:00Drive/Giveaway$5.01; $5.02; $5.03; $5.04 Giveaway: #1: Geek & Sundry: TableTop pack; #2: The Sweetest Pig; #3 Harmonix Dance Central Pack; #4 Harmonix Rock Band Pack--
150:23150:26PhysicalScrewing with the time lapse again
150:30150:41AuctionAuction: for the BIG DesertBus 6 Poster, googley eyes, pig key chain, tardis book mark, Orig Art - Winner: WarHamster40k for $3,000.00!Warhamster40k--
150:52150:59ReadingWerner Herzog reads Going to the Store & it breaks Jer, Cam and Ashton--
150:52--Milestone430k GET!--
151:08151:12SongTime to sing "What I Got" by Sublime
151:14151:18SongEveryone sings One Night in Bangkok from Chess--
151:18151:20ReadingAnother Werner Herzog reads Going to the Store--
151:23151:27SongDesert Bus Killed the Internet Star--
151:25--Milestone435k get!--
151:28151:32DanceOne last Caramelldansen--
151:33151:40Drive/GiveawayMYSTERY BOX reveal! (With Benny Hill music)--
151:40152:12ReadingThank you time!
151:41--Game EventBugsplat! (#19, 1 in a row)--
152:09--Milestone$436k GET!--
152:12152:17SongTime for the Final Bus Down - Matt crashes the bus at chat's request--
152:18--CrashFinal Crash pt:cr for the year: 12:12--
152:18--OtherWe're outta here....--
152:22152:23?..or not? :)
152:23152:24StingerTake 2--