Desert Bus Video Strike Team

Video Uploaders and Content Aggregators for "Desert Bus for Hope"

Desert Bus Chat

The Desert Bus Chat is a great community that exists year-round. Playing games, talking TV and movies, and always lending an ear to those who need one. Come on by, and feel free to join us. It is also one of the best ways to get ahold of the VST

If you would rather use a dedicated chat program, rather than the web clients, we recommend HexChat or KVirc. If you have trouble setting it up, hop into chat using a web client, and someone will be able to help you out.

Desert Bus IRC

Can be joined by connecting (via your IRC client of choice) to:
The channel: #desertbus is an auto-join upon connecting

You can also use the webclient at:

This is the normal hangout of the Desert Bus community, you can find us here while Desert Bus for Hope is & isn't going on

Twitch Chat

The Twitch chat is where the action happens during the event itself, to talk with the crew on the stream and others watching along with you.
If you want to connect to Twitch Chat using an IRC client, refer to this handy guide.