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DB Prize ID 0
Prize Type Sweetener / Merch
Sweetener/Merch Title Desert Bus 4 Button
Alt. Sweetener Title DB4 Button
Sweetener Donator LoadingReadyRun
Sweetener Description We went for 5 days and 21 hours and raised over $200,000 for Child's Play. Even if you didn't preorder the Desert BUs Crest T-Shirt, you can still comemorate Desert Bus 4 with this sweet button!

Given To Merch
Given For Prizes None
Craft-Along? -
Sweetener Price $1.00
Notes Button Designed by Graham, unknown producer
Photo of actually produced button provided by Chrusher
Dimensions: 24mm (diameter)
Backing: 1 Pointy bit in to a side loop
Tags button
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