DesertBus 2* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 2 - Day 6

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
120:00--MilestoneDesert Bus for Hope 2: Bus Harder - Day 6 begins--
TechnicalNo video avaliable--
120:07120:11SongJer sings Ballad of the Fanboy while playing guitar
120:08--Enter/ExitEnter James and Tim from taping something--
120:10--OtherJames is taking pictures of Jer playing Guitar--
120:11--DiscussionKathleen wants to hear more deleted lines--
120:11--OtherBill takes the driver chair back from Jer (He was still driving, just off-screen)--
120:11120:13OtherSetting up for the Waxing of Bill's Legs
120:11--Other^ Bill hands off driving to Morgan while he prepares his legs for waxing--
120:12--Other^ Morgan ALMOST crashes the bus--
120:13--Technical^ Graham comes up to change the camera angle--
120:13--Discussion^ Bill is getting his legs waxed because other people (mainly his mom) were not fond of him shaving his head.--
120:13120:39PhysicalThe Waxing of Bill's Legs Begins! (Kim and Chris so the majority of the waxing) [Part 1][✓]
120:15--Technical^ Maximum Zoom on Bill's leg--
120:15--Other^ Bill resumes driving while getting his legs waxed (this will be a mistake)--
120:17--Technical^ We zoom back out, normal view returns--
120:20--Physical^ Kim comes up with the idea to use the laptops to warm the wax strips for Bill's legs--
120:24--Shoutout^ Shoutout to Lagging_Physics for shaving his head in solidarity to Morgan--
120:26--Milestone^ Current donation total: $60,584--
120:27--Enter/Exit^ Exit Michael--
120:27--Shoutout^ TY to Michael for bringing them food over the week--
120:31--Enter/Exit^ Enter Graham's Parents with food! (Fruit & Cheese platter, Mac & Cheese)--
120:32--Crash^ Bill crashes the bus!--
120:33--Other^ Bill resumes playing the game.--
120:34--Other^ Morgan would tells Matt that he has Space Jump and he's still failing.--
120:37--Shoutout^ Shoutout to Kim's boyfriend Adam--
120:38--Enter/Exit^ Exit Graham's Parents--
120:38--Crash^ Bill crashes the bus! AGAIN!
120:38--Driver Shift Change^ Bill hands off driving to Morgan so he can not crash while getting his legs waxed.--
120:39--Enter/Exit^ The waxing of Bill's first leg is complete, he goes to wash the wax off--
120:39121:15Drive/Giveaway(Short) Essay: 100 words or less How You think Desert Bus 3 could be better (than DB2) for: 2nd best giveaway bagShawn Abbot--
120:39120:44PlugJer plugs the 2nd best giveaway bag: Secret Agent Clank demo, Banjo Kazooie dl code, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe animation cell signed by Ed Boon, Lord of the Rings Online pre-order Bonus, Toom Raider: Underworld - Art Book, Golden Axe: Beastrider - Art Book, Rise of the Arganots - Art Book, Tales of the Mushroom Men - Ilustrated Fan Fiction, Backyard Football - Baseball Cap, Gears of War - Lanyard, Little Big Planet - T-Shirt, Hockey Cards, We Love Golf Wii-Mote Tote, Gears of War - T-Shirt, Halo - T-Shirt, Tecmo Bowl - T-Shirt, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - T-Shirt, Spray - T-Shirt--
120:43--Enter/ExitBill returns to get his other leg waxed--
120:45121:00PhysicalThe Waxing of Bill's other Leg begins! (Kim does most of the work) [Part 2][✓]
120:45--Other^ Morgan attempts to get a Bus Stop, but fails to open the door.--
120:46--Other^ Kathleen can't stay till the end of the run (8:15pm leave time), if you have challenges for her, now is the time.--
120:46--Other^ Bill's Mom is the one who bought the wax strips--
120:50--Other^ Bill was the driving force behind Matt going to see Twilight multiple times--
120:51--Other^ Morgan gives Matt Metroid advice off-screen??????--
120:52--Physical^ Kathleen gives Graham a hug ??prompted by chat??--
120:54--Plug^ Kathleen reminds people about the Rock Band draw ($20 or more donated during the run, multiples possible)--
120:55--Discussion^ Matt got "lost" in a theater, but now he's playing Super Metroid on their Wii--
120:57120:59Plug^ Jer plugs the 100 Words or Less essay for the 2nd biggest swag bag--
120:59121:01Plug^ Graham and Kathleen plug Alex Steacy giving away his hat for DB--
121:00--Other^ Kim gives Bill's leg a break for a bit--
121:00--GameSomeone made a Java version of desertbus (desertbusforweb) --
121:01121:10AuctionLive Auction for Alex Steacy's hat: Winner: Kim (in the room) for $210Kim
121:02--TechnicalCamera re-positioning for a better shot of the room--
121:10121:12PlugReminder about the short essays (100 words or less) for the 2nd best swag bag--
121:11--OtherBill vacates the driver chair to go wash up, Morgan assumes the position--
121:12121:13DiscussionArguing with Matt about Metroid--
121:13--OtherTally takes a photo of something off camera--
121:14--FoodEveryone begins consuming Dinner--
121:15--OtherKim doesn't know Alex, just wanted his hat because it had a piercing--
121:16121:18OtherAlex calls Graham so he can talk to the auction winner (Kim) [Alex promises to wash the hat first]--
121:16121:23DiscussionRandom discussions with chat while food is consumed--
121:20--OtherRosco P. Jangles IV can not be auctioned.--
121:24--MilestoneDonation total update: $61,029--
121:24121:25DiscussionWhat donation level they should be at, at the CP dinner--
121:27121:29PlugTensen01 is auctioning off some custom commision character art 8x10" (and high-res digital copy)--
121:29121:33AuctionAuction for: Custom character comission (8x10") drawn by Tensen01 - Winner: Kag for: $130Kag
121:35--ShoutoutTY to Kroze for moding the chat--
121:36121:40DiscussionDear Dr. LRR (mostly Morgan) time
121:37--Crash^ Morgan crashes the bus! (Distracted playing with his bald head)--
121:37--Enter/Exit^ Exit ??Chris?? and Marissa--
121:38--Enter/Exit^ Enter Nicole and Josh both in hoodies with Champaine--
121:39--Enter/Exit^ Enter Michelle Stark (un-related) and Ashley--
121:39121:51PhysicalThe Waxing of Bill's Legs [part 3], the final inseam [✓]
121:39121:59Other^ Morgan hands off driving to Kathleen--
121:40--Milestone^ 705 people watching DriverCam 282 people watching BusCam--
121:41122:07Discussion^ Dear Dr. (Whoever) questions from chat--
121:43--Milestone^ 17 people currently in the Moonbase--
121:45--Enter/Exit^ Enter 2 girls ???Maggie??? (black coat) && Shandi (white shirt), total people up to 19--
121:46--Other^ Rosco P. Jangles IV now has a facebook profile--
121:49--Other^ Photos from James' camera will be put up on the blog (they weren't)--
121:52--OtherKathleen has to leave in ~5 min--
121:59--Milestone1 hour left! (theoretically)--
121:59--OtherKathleen has to leave to catch the ferry--
121:59122:35OtherKathleen hands off driving to Kim--
122:00--PlugPaul plugs the Rock Band 2 $20 giveaway that has been running the whole run.--
122:03--Enter/ExitExit Kathleen to go home--
122:04--Enter/ExitRe-Enter Bill, with clean legs now (wax washed off)--
122:06--OtherRoll Call--
122:07--Enter/ExitExit Tim to go home--
122:08122:16OtherRandom chatter waiting for the end--
122:10--DiscussionThey had over 100 suggestions for the Bag #2 contest (DB3 improvements) --
122:12--OtherClose up duck dissaproval at a "where babies come from" chat question--
122:16122:24Physicalv Kim drives upside down for 10min for $100--
122:17--Enter/Exitv Exit Nicole and Josh (who brought the Champaine) --
122:17122:40ReadingReading the top entries for How to make DB3 more-awesome (to win bag #2)
122:17122:18Reading^ #1 from Chris: Iron Man driving $x amount of $y money, or a points challenge, get the high score--
122:18122:20Reading^ #2 from Shane: 2 teams, seperate donations, challenge and sabotage between teams encouraged, #1 suggestion--
122:20122:22Reading^ #3 from Luke: Famous guest Drivers, make them do demeaning things--
122:22122:23Reading^ #4 from Mark: DB3: Return of the Bus - Penn or Teller in person (2nd most requested)--
122:23--Enter/Exit^ Enter Andre--
122:23122:25Reading^ #5 from CompanionCube: Punishment for crashing: auctioned off punishments, or for-real bus.--
122:25122:27Reading^ #6 from Nate: Set the date early! Larger location! Donate to play games with them (other than DB)--
122:27122:28Reading^ #7 from Matt (not that one): Driver in a sound-proofed room by themselves.--
122:28122:29Reading^ #8 from Shawn Abbot: Projector and put the chat in a large font on the wall.WINNER!--
122:29122:30Reading^ #9 from Tricia: More auctions, Back-to-Back viewings of Twilight, on-location bussing with the PA guys--
122:30122:31Reading^ #10 from Samuel: Paint the room to look like the desert or the bus, slowly reveal it for each milestone reached.--
122:31122:32Reading^ #11 from Eric: Game should be played on the 0g inversion plane, vomit comit and vomit bus--
122:32122:33Reading^ #12 from Christopher: MS verion of DB, how much people drive is how much MS donates, bonus $--
122:33122:34Reading^ #13 from Ian: Change the donation percentage to 6.5% and incorperate no-shave november (they feel 7% is correct)--
122:34122:35Reading^ #14 from Andrew: Every time you crash the thermostat gets turned down 2 degrees.--
122:35122:38Reading^ #15 from Nick: DB3: With A Vengance - Flyers for DB3 that normal people can distribute--
122:35--Other^ Morgan resumes driving for the rest of his shift--
122:36--Other^ CBC and A-Channel both sent people to DB--
122:38122:39Discussion^ Winner discussion of the improvements challenge - Projector Chat seems to be the run-away winner--
122:40--Milestone^ Current Donation total: $51,748.64--
122:40--Other20min left (Theoretically) --
122:40122:47AuctionAuction for: Another custom character comission (8x10") drawn by Tensen01 - Winner: Brad-3346 for: $220Brad-3346
122:46--Milestone862 viewers!--
122:48122:53PlugShowing off Bag #1 for the upcoming auction, all from EB Games Canada + Signed copy of LRR Season 4 DVD--
122:53122:57AuctionAuction for Bag #1 starts w/o prompting, Winner: Danger-538 for: $800Danger-538
122:55--Milestone^ Next hour unlocked by a $1000 donation!--
122:56--Other^ Danger-538 donates the $800 before even being called the auction winner--
122:58--Milestone891 viewers on the drivercam--
122:59--Milestonev Current Donation total: $64,236.64--
122:59--Enter/Exitv Enter Graham holding a Cake--
123:00--OtherMatt challenges chat: He will donate $20 if everyone out there in TV land donates $10 (or whatever it takes to get past 65K)
123:00--Other^ Challenge sweetened to everyone in the room will donate $20 (which ammounts to another $300)--
123:01123:02FoodA chat member arranged to get them a Cake, "A desert scene" Came will palm trees everywhere, says: Congratulations Desert Bus for HopePattmyn
123:03123:04OtherMorgan gets a phone call from Nate who says he loves everyone there and the chat for donating so much--
123:05--Milestone$3027 until Jer has to drive for an hour!--
123:05123:09OtherMore milling about / random discussion--
123:07--Other^ Bishop1387 from chat promises to make DesertBusSource (In the Source engine) if they raise $65,535--
123:09--Milestone642 people in chat & 853 viewers--
123:09123:15TechnicalNo video avaliable--
123:15123:19DanceEveryone does the Macarena
123:19123:25TechnicalNo video avaliable--
123:25123:31Song64K (Graham, Jer, Morgan) preform 1337[✓]
123:31123:37TechnicalNo video avaliable--
123:37--OtherSetting up for Story Guy On The Spot--
123:39123:47SkitStory Guy On The Spot - Desert Bus Editon
123:42--Enter/Exit^ Enter Shawn and ???Unknown??(Leather Jacket, long hair)--
123:45--Enter/Exit^ Exit Shawn and unknown leather jacket man--
123:47--Milestone$200 until Jer has to drive for an hour--
123:48--MilestoneAnother hour!--
123:49--MilestoneCurrent Donation total: $67,397.28--
123:49123:53TechnicalNo video avaliable--
123:53123:57SongTally sings a DB version of Still Alive with Chris on guitar[✓]
123:57123:58TechnicalNo video avaliable--
123:58--Driver Shift ChangeJer starts his 8th driver shift (Determined via chat logs)--
123:58124:18TechnicalNo video avaliable--
124:18--OtherSetting up for the Sailor Moon song--
124:20124:21SongEveryone sings the Sailor Moon theme
124:22124:23TechnicalNo video avaliable--
124:23124:25SongJer and Tally sing My Eyes (Evil is on the Rise) from Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog
124:25124:30TechnicalNo video avaliable--
124:30124:31SongThe room sings the Darkwing Duck theme song
124:31124:31TechnicalNo video avaliable--
124:31124:33SongThe room sings the theme song to Gilligan's Island
124:33124:40TechnicalNo video avaliable--
124:40124:41SongThe room sings the theme song to Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles
124:41124:42TechnicalNo video avaliable--
124:42124:44SongGraham sings the theme song from Bucky O'Hare and The Toad Wars
124:44124:50TechnicalNo video avaliable--
124:50124:55SongThe room sings The 12 Geeky Days of Christmas (with Kate calling in on the phone)
124:55125:01TechnicalNo video avaliable--
125:01125:01DiscussionAsh and Shawn got engaged!
125:01125:02TechnicalNo video avaliable--
125:02125:03OtherThey erroneously end the run early, oops
125:02--CrashJer crashes on the LEFT (to end the run).... or not--
125:02--MilestoneCurrent donation total: $68,809--
125:03--DiscussionChat is DEMANDING the 6 minutes James promised since the beginning of the run for starting late!--
125:03--Driver Shift ChangeJames starts his 9th shift, for TY's and other things--
125:04--SongEveryone spontaniously starts singing/humming The Final Countdown--
125:05--DiscussionChat suggests Wheels on the Bus for the final crash song--
125:05125:06DiscussionRandom discussion while setting up for TYs--
125:06125:08PlugGraham talks about the $20 donations for an entry to win Rock Band, entries cutoff now--
125:10125:36ShoutoutTime for some TY's!
125:09125:10Shoutout^ TY to people who stayed for the late night shifts, Tim, Andre, Chris, everyone who came by--
125:10125:18Reading^ Graham and James read something James wrote about DesertBus 2--
125:11--Shoutout^ Penn & Teller for creating the game and their support--
125:12--Shoutout^ Gabe & Tycho for inspiring people by creating Child's Play--
125:12125:14Shoutout^ TY to friends, family, and random visitors to the moonbase and their food--
125:14--Other^ James hands off driving to Graham so he can read what else he wrote.--
125:14--Shoutout^ TY to the LRR Crew--
125:15125:15Shoutout^ TY to all the donators--
125:15--Other^ Graham hands back driving to James--
125:15125:16Discussion^ Graham is glad they got more money so they could end at a reasonable time--
125:16125:18Shoutout^ Graham thanks all the drivers and the ones who lost body hair--
125:16--Physical^ Morgan promises to shave his beard when he gets home.--
125:18--Shoutout^ Graham thanks everyone who gave them things to give away this year--
125:18125:21Shoutout^ Graham thanks all the artists who donated works (Tensen01, TylerWindam, Zet, Alex, Harmonix)--
125:21--Shoutout^ TY to everone who called in--
125:22--Shoutout^ TY to Kroze for Modding the chat--
125:22--Shoutout^ TY Penny Arcade and Kriston --
125:23--Shoutout^ TY to all the media outlets--
125:24125:26Shoutout^ TY to lowtax for pushing them over their $5k goal before they even started--
125:26125:27Shoutout^ TY to all their large donators--
125:27--Shoutout^ TY to Sam Logan who came and drove for an hour--
125:28--Discussion^ Wondering if people had money set aside, or if they just decided to give more--
125:28125:29Discussion^ James wonders how much money they have made in the last 12 hours--
125:30--Enter/Exit^ Graham runs out and returns with Champange!--
125:30--Shoutout^ TY to Bill's Mom--
125:30--Shoutout^ Chris thanks the crew for putting on this event--
125:31--Shoutout^ Graham and James thank all the people who kept stopping by with Food and moeny--
125:32--Food^ Bill starts handing out champagne to everyone--
125:33--Shoutout^ TY to Andy--
125:33--Shoutout^ TY to Hat Girl--
125:34--Shoutout^ TY to Katleen for keeping the place clean--
125:35125:36Shoutout^ TY to Tom and the other people in the building for putting up with them, and the police for not hassling them--
125:36--Shoutout^ Boo-Ray for everyone!--
125:36125:38DiscussionJames says the game is kind of calming when people aren't forcing you to play it--
125:38--Shoutout^ TY to the chat for keeping the driver's sane over the night shifts--
125:38125:39PlugPlugging the Ustream channel archives and Kroze's song archive--
125:39125:40DiscussionPaul talks about the good Child's Play does and how being a kid in a hospital sucks--
125:41125:46DiscussionWhat was everyone's favorite parts of this year's DesertBus?
125:44125:45Discussion^ Kathleen is in chat and wants to know why the hell they're still driving.--
125:45--Discussion^ To-date Morgan is still pointless in DesertBus (Andre, has the point Morgan was to get)--
125:46--ShoutoutMatt thanks everyone who didn't send him to Twilight--
125:46125:50OtherRandom milling about waiting on the draw for the Rock Band giveaway.--
125:50--OtherMatt announces that every $20 donation has a 1/2256 chance of winning the Rock Band giveaway--
125:51125:52ShoutoutTY to the LRR crew from Ashley--
125:52--MilestoneIn 10 minutes James will have played DesertBus for 65 hours of his lifetime--
125:53--DiscussionThey need to upgrade to an Orbiting Underground Mars base for next year, they do not have enough space--
125:54--Milestone519 people in chat and 332 people watching BusCam, 730 watching DriverCam--
125:55--TechnicalCamera Zoom in on Paul and Matt for the Rock Band Draw--
125:56125:56Drive/GiveawayThe Winning Entry for the RockBand Lot is: Larry RecknerLarry Reckner
125:57--Discussion^ Larry just donated $20 and got EXTREMELY lucky! woo!--
125:58125:59DiscussionTalking about which song to go out on (Wheels on the Bus, modified)--
125:59--PlugPaul plugs (they're probably funnier)--
126:00126:01SongEveryone sings Wheels on the Bus (Modified for DB) to end the run
126:01--CrashJames crashes the bus one final time to end the run, for real this time--
126:01126:02TechnicalMuted celebrations, till stream goes down.--
126:46126:46StingerStinger - What happens when you get towed all the way back