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DB Prize ID 127
Prize Type Giveaway
Bustime Giveaway Start 090:20
Local Time Giveaway Start Tuesday, 2021-11-16 12:20, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Bustime Giveaway End 091:15
Local Time Giveaway End Tuesday, 2021-11-16 13:15, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Giveaway Title Boyfriend Dungeon Pack
Alt. Giveaway Title(s)
Giveaway Donator(s) Kitfox Games
Giveaway Description Enter the “dunj” with this collector’s prize pack from Boyfriend Dungeon developer Kitfox Games. This bundle comes with a Collector’s Edition copy of the hack-and-slash dating sim that includes a digital copy of the game, a soundtrack, stickers, an enamel pin, and a rose shaped USB drive. But this pack gets even spicier. There is also a sheet of temporary tattoos, a heat changing mug, and a body pillow cover featuring Sunder, the most handsome sword around!
Craft-Along? --
Giveaway Amount(s) $7.69
Giveaway Raised $1,691.80
Giveaway Winner(s) WolfnOtter
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