DesertBus 11 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 11 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:00--Driver Shift ChangeAndrew's shift ends, Liz's shift begins--
48:0248:03SongLiz Enters to "Eye of the Tiger"
48:03--Enter/ExitExit Andrew--
48:0348:04RDPRDP: Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
48:05--Enter/ExitExit Sara and Sandra--
48:05--PlugJenn and Trin Call-in--
48:0648:08DiscussionLiz's plans for her shift--
48:06--Game EventBug splat--
48:0848:11PlugSilent auctions--
48:1148:16PlugUpcoming prizes and live auctions for Liz's shift--
48:1648:16StoryLiz tells of her trip
48:1648:46GuestJenn & Trin from CaH/Friendshipping
48:44--ShoutoutShoutouts to the postcard artists who are incredible--
48:4549:36Drive/Giveaway$7.08 drive for the Friendshipping postcardsEtaluia--
48:47--PlugAaron Forsythe call-in--
48:48--MeltdownAshley can't handle James sending his box--
48:4948:53DiscussionJoe's love of Dogs
48:5148:53DiscussionCapybaras and other animals--
48:5448:57PlugDesert Bus VR sticker challenge--
48:59--PlugLive auction coming up (Black Lotus blanket)--
49:02--Milestone$156000 + $2500 shift total--
49:0249:03RDPRDP: Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
49:0349:04DiscussionAmerican Football things--
49:0449:07PhysicalRespectful pillow fight, followed by epic slowmo version, then in Engineering
49:0749:08DiscussionSomeday Joe will get a dog
49:0849:08StoryLiz tells us a story
49:0849:09RDPRDP: C'est La Vie - B*Witched
49:0949:19PressCHEK news
49:1249:19OtherCeilidh (CHEK reporter) takes over for driving the bus--
49:1349:19DiscussionThe room discusses how they got involved with Desert Bus
49:14--ShoutoutFood Sponsors--
49:1949:21PlugFriendshipping postcards donation drive--
49:2249:30PhysicalJames wears lots of hats/clothes (BGM: Existence VIP, Supermodel) - 36 items total!
49:32--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
49:3249:32RDPRDP: Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
49:3349:35DiscussionKathleen gives out her top Yuri fanfic list (Hood & Glove, Bear Your Soul on the Ice, Beside the Dancing Sea, Money Shot [NSFW], Undiscovered Country)
49:4149:42DiscussionTalking about intros (especially Andrew's)--
49:4249:44DiscussionKathleen's dress from yesterday, she was wearing color--
49:4649:54SongPaul leads the room in a sea shanty, "Bully in the Alley"
49:53--Enter/ExitEnter: a bird, which transforms into Alex--
49:55--Milestone3000 dollar shift total!--
49:5549:55RDPRDP: Married to the Music - SHINee
49:57--Enter/ExitEnter Kate Watt--
49:5850:52Drive/Giveaway$5.69 (nice) drive for the Groot Finger PuppetJusRus--
50:0050:01Shift ChangeAlpha Flight begins (bird noises!)
50:0150:03StoryKate Watt blames the room (Kathleen) and went to watch Yuri!!! on Ice
50:0350:05PlugUpcoming MtG Inspired Lotus Quilt live auction--
50:05--OtherDix takes the wheel as Liz goes for lunch--
50:0750:09The DeviceAutopilot (so Dix can untangle the controller cable)--
50:0650:09DiscussionLindsay talks about her Green Bay Packers flashback jersey
50:08--Enter/ExitEnter Hodor--
50:0950:09DiscussionCable management
50:1050:12DiscussionHow's Serge's leg doing
50:1250:15StorySerge watched The Newlyfriend Game
50:1550:19DiscussionMorse code and military occupations
50:1950:20DiscussionTape measures that are turtles--
50:2050:21SkitPaul strokes his beard and laughs evilly
50:2150:26DiscussionIf Canadian Highlander at Yellowjacket was an anime, what would everyone's characters be?
50:2650:27DiscussionYuri on Ice
50:2750:28SkitAn update from Snorsh (Desert Bus for Weagles)
50:2850:29SkitCool guy engineering
50:3050:45AuctionMtG Inspired Lotus Quilt live auction ($4,545.00)mr_horrible
50:31--Enter/ExitEnter Jeej--
50:39--CrashIn a shocking turn of events, Liz crashes--
50:4550:50TechnicalAshley restarts the game, names the driver KOCKO, then immediately reaches over and hits the reset button
54:46--MeltdownRoom lost it at KOCKO--
50:5050:51RDPRDP Troll: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia - Pete Shofield & The Canadians
50:50--OtherNew driver name: KAWWW--
50:5150:52SkitAlex learns that James kicked out Serge's crutches, draws a sword and vows to avenge him
50:5250:52OtherKnitting update--
50:5350:53MeltdownJeej loses it when the donation drawing happens (because Fugi changed the audio to the squawking ducks)
50:5350:54RDPRDP: I Love It - Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX
50:5450:54PhysicalMR PRESIDENT GET DOWN! - Everyone tackles Liz
50:5550:57SkitAlex explains why Dark Souls is not the Dark Souls of Dark Souls games
50:5751:00SkitLindsay teaches the room as if they are her music class
50:58--CrashLiz crashed on the left--
51:00--OtherKAWWW didn't live very long, new driver name is GERMSY--
51:0151:12StoryLiz's feels time
51:0951:12Story^ Alex feels--
51:1251:13RDPRDP: Rapper's Delight - The Sugarhill Gang
51:1351:16PlugSilent auctions--
51:16--Enter/ExitEnter Kate Stark--
51:1751:30QuizThe room plays "Ikea product or Death Metal band"
51:23--Meltdown^ Kate tries to call out Serge, busses up by cursing on stream, runs out of the room--
51:25--Enter/Exit^ Exit Kate, pursued by a Serge--
51:3052:24Drive/Giveaway$6.12 drive for the McCree belt buckleEdgarware--
51:3251:53QuizKathleen's Trivia Challenge: Day 3Kate
51:3251:33Plug^ James plugs the Desert Bus VR art challenge--
51:36--Quiz^ What holiday is December 26 to January 1st? KwanzaaOrange, Blue--
51:37--Quiz^ Who was Angelina Jolie's first husband? Johnny Lee Miller Engineering--
51:39--Quiz^ 1994 Sega Genesis game where you defeat Set-Ra? Shaq-FuNo Teams--
51:41--Quiz^ Who wrote Gravity's Rainbow? Thomas PynchonNo Teams--
51:42--Quiz^ Operation Enduring Freedom is the name for the war in what country? Dix spent 16 months in Afghanistan Orange, Blue--
51:43--Quiz^ Cocktail first made at the Waldorf Astora? Rob RoyBlue, Engineering--
51:44--Quiz^ First country to use postage stamps? United Kingdom Blue, Engineering--
51:45--Quiz^ Name that tune? Sabre DanceOrange, Engineering--
51:47--Quiz^ What is the 5th mother sauce? Hollandaise SauceAll Teams--
51:49--Quiz^ How many Jersey Shore cast members were there? (bonus points for naming them) 9 Blue (1), Kate (9)--
51:5451:56GuestAsh and her dog Buster
51:5451:56Other^ Joe runs in to see dog--
51:5757:36Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus VR sticker challengeSpluuga, DustbinOverlord, Alahmnta, DigitalSeahorse, SchalaKitty--
52:01--Enter/ExitExit Carrie--
52:0252:03Video/ImageThe shifts as gems from Steven Universe by Ash
52:03--Enter/ExitEnter Ian--
52:0352:04TechnicalIan fixes the back curtain--
52:0452:09SongDix and Lindsay sing a duet of A Whole New World[✓]
52:06--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
52:0952:11FoodTea party!
52:09--MeltdownSerge's poor leg--
52:11--Enter/ExitDix and Lindsay leave to go back to Seattle--
52:1252:24StorySerge's best judging stories
52:1652:24GameSerge and Alex list Magic the Gathering keywords (25)lunik1
52:2452:25DiscussionChicken EDM
52:2652:31SkitThe Four Yorkshiremen Sketch
52:3252:32RDPRDP: When Will the Bass Drop? - The Lonely Island ft. Lil Jon
52:3352:35Plug321 Pinny Arcade Pins!--
52:3552:42DiscussionWhat kind of Pokemon are you?
52:4252:44StoryHow did Jeej get all his nicknames?
52:4452:49DiscussionSeasonal makeup and clothes
52:4952:56DiscussionPlanning the Bus King Pageant
52:5654:40Drive/Giveaway$7.77 donation drive for 322 Pinny Arcade Pins!Lark Sachrosis--
53:0753:09StoryKathleen talks about seeing Matt as Hawkeye for Halloween
53:11--Milestone$170,000 achieved--
53:1153:12RDPRDP: Super Natural - Danny L Harle ft. Carly Rae Jepsen
53:1353:18DiscussionSerge and Matt discuss the Bus King judging --
53:1354:01PhysicalBus King Pageant Part 1[✓]
53:21--Enter/Exit^ Enter Missie Peters, aka The Dude--
53:4553:45RDPRDP: Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
53:4654:01Discussion^ Post Bus King Pageant Discussion--
53:48--Technical^ The controller stops responding, Autopilot doesn't save it in time--
53:48--Crash^ The device crashed the bus--
53:52--Other^ New driver name: BUSKING--
53:54--Milestone^ $175,000 Surpassed--
53:5854:02Discussion^ Results of the Bus King pageantThiccc Alex--
54:0254:40GuestAaron Forsythe call-in
54:0554:07Technical^ Aaron's connection is a potato, call drops, returns in audio-only mode--
54:2354:31TechnicalThe stream goes offline--
54:3054:31TechnicalOnline, Ian test screen--
54:38--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
54:4055:55Drive/Giveaway$7.14 drive for From the Vault: Lore, From the Vault: Transform, and HASCON exclusivesI Heart Krissy--
54:4554:45RDPRDP: Variations Volaill»Res Opus 2 - Olaf Slorkus [CoRDPi]
54:4654:46RDPRDP: Wannabe - Spice Girls
54:47--TechnicalThe controller stops responding again, autopilot is activated, then disables itself--
54:48--CrashCrash because the controller stopped responding--
54:4754:48StoryMatt's Bop-It story
54:48--TechnicalBypassing the Device--
54:4854:49PlugFrom the Vault, HASCON exclusives giveaway--
54:50--OtherNew driver name - James just straight "JOCKO"ed--
54:5154:53GameJames demonstrates his bop-it skills and scores a disappointing 47
54:5354:54ShoutoutSerge reads out the Thank-You Toast from the Tea Party (that he forgot to read earlier)
54:54--Shoutout^ Serge also thanks D3frost for picking up the tab for the cakes for the Desert Bus After Party--
54:5554:59PlugSilent auctions, art challenge (DB VR stickers)--
55:0055:00RDPRDP: Lionhearted - Porter Robinson Ft. Urban Cone
55:0155:02PhysicalGroup hug with chat--
55:0455:04TechnicalIan discovers the Device was taped up badly by Johnny
55:0655:06SkitThe room sings "Happy Birthday" as Minecraft villagers
55:0755:08DiscussionDubbed vs Subbed anime
55:0855:12Milestone$4 MILLION LIFETIME!!!$5000 from chimera8990
55:09--Prank^ Engineering shows the ISO monitor, it says "$4,000,000 Lifetime" in Papyrus Font--
55:1055:11RDPRDP: Kill v. Maim - Grimes
55:1155:12RDPRDP: Dancing Queen - Abba
55:12--Prank^ room sings Dancing Queen at Ashley after she says she hates it--
55:1455:18DanceSpice Girls (Spice Up Your Life) mosh pit turns into dancing lessons from Kate
55:1855:19PhysicalGROUP. HUG.--
55:1955:20SkitLiz and Ian impersonate their favorite cephalopods
55:2155:24DiscussionSetting up charades--
55:2255:23StoryKathleen tells the mitosis charade story
55:23--MeltdownAlex can't handle Kathleen's story--
55:24--Enter/ExitEnter Penelope--
55:2555:25DiscussionJohnny reads the definition of PG-13
55:33--Physical^ Emily turbos out of room, returns with prop Jeej--
55:3555:36DiscussionPenelope loves owls
55:3655:39ReadingDon't Laugh: Meal Master Neural Network recipes
55:3955:45DiscussionHQ - live trivia via phone, today's prize is $7500--
55:4655:54GameTelephone pictionary, with bonus owl/Penelope content[✓]
55:56--Driver Shift ChangeLeelee takes over for the Liz, who has a cold and has to go--
55:5955:59FoodAlex consumes the nearest food item
55:5956:12GameKathleen, Ian, and others play HQ trivia for the children
56:03--TechnicalAn alarming noise causes chat to call out in pain--
56:1356:14Shift ChangeNightwatch begins to Law and Order
56:14--Reading^ Matt reads the Law and Order intro--
56:1556:17DiscussionDesert Bus versions of the intro
56:1756:17PrankMatt's idea of fun doesn't go over well with the room (Quizzy)--
56:1856:20DiscussionJunding 'em out
56:2056:25Video/ImageDB VR Sticker entries--
56:2556:28PlugSilent Auction Plugs--
56:28--PhotosPhotos at!--
56:2956:30RDPRDP: Let's Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats
56:3056:31Enter/ExitExit Liz--
56:3156:34OtherLocating all the creepy dolls--
56:36--Enter/ExitExit Alex to sleep before his driving shift--
56:3856:38PhysicalCreepydoll dab? --
56:38--SongThe alphabet song with Penelope... distracted by plushies--
56:4156:42OtherCreepy doll is running the show--
56:4356:44RDPRDP: Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65
56:4456:45RDPRDP Troll: I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
56:4656:47PhysicalPenelope should be adorable--
56:4756:48StoryGraham tells of the founding of LRR
56:4956:49SkitGraham interviews Penelope
56:4956:57StoryIan talks about his experiece teaching in Japan
56:5756:59PlugDesert Bus VR Sticker vote--
56:5957:03SongCreepy Doll - Jonathan Coulton
57:0457:05RDPRDP: The Impression That I Get - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
57:0557:24GameWhat is this Japanese commercial actually advertising?[✓]
57:2457:25PlugSticker vote for DB VR--
57:2557:26ShoutoutShoutout to Peter and LJ who just got engaged
57:2657:26Discussion^ Married life--
57:2857:34Video/ImageDynamite Boat Race and Pocari Sweat commercials
57:31--Dance^ Graham, Jordan and Ian dance to Japanese commercials--
57:34--Enter/ExitEnter Dan--
57:3758:45Drive/Giveaway$7.17 for the Portal test chamber blanketCanageek--
57:4257:43DiscussionTye Dillinger / deep six discussion
57:4457:49Video/ImageThe Gobbledy Gooker
57:48--Enter/ExitEnter Julie--
57:5257:56Video/ImageCHEK news Desert Bus report
57:55--Technical^ wrong url OOPS, fixed. now redirects to broke, engineering is on it--
57:5857:58PrankJeej tied Matt's shoelaces together
57:5958:00Video/ImageWCW: RoboCop rescues Sting (with added commentary)--
58:0058:01DiscussionWebsite is being fixed, /donate still works--
58:0258:03PlugPortal blanket giveaway and $200,000 blanket party--
58:0358:04RDPRDP: Miku - Anamanaguchi
58:04--Enter/ExitExit Kate--
58:0458:09SkitGraham is now a blanket ghost[✓]
58:0558:07Discussion^ Is it cannibalism to eat your own organs?--
58:0758:09Meltdown^ Jeej dies on Cori's "So God can't see you drinking"--
58:09--TechnicalAccidental mic drop--
58:1058:11StoryJullie's first online handle
58:1158:13Video/ImageOld Canadian children's TV: The Polka Dot Door
58:1158:45Video/ImageCanadian children's TV video and discussion
58:17--Poster^ Poster Update v7
58:2858:28Behind the Scenes^ They didn't buy, they'd love to talk to whoever did--
58:2958:29Enter/Exit^ Bengineering is here, sad he missed much of the Canadian kids' tv--
58:29--Burn!^ Graham tells Ben "You probably missed them first time round too"--
58:3158:36Discussion^ The Crystal Maze is Escape Room The Show--
58:32--Game Event^ LeeLee's first bus stop!--
58:3458:36SongCrystal Maze theme played--
58:36--Milestone$50k Shift Total!--
58:3658:37RDPRDP: Chicken Music - Pervylesbobri [CoRDPi]
58:3758:37RDPRDP: Paw Patrol Theme Song
58:3858:45DiscussionMore children's TV talk
58:40--Video/Image^ Still further Canadian children's tv--
58:4658:46RDPRDP: Trap Song with Chicken - J*ff [CoRDPi]
58:4758:47RDPRDP: Go My Way!! - 765+876Pro Allstars
58:4858:51Video/ImageVin Diesel advert for Street Sharks
58:5158:52DiscussionGraham and Matt look at the poster--
58:5258:53DiscussionArt Attack (not canadian)--
58:5259:06DiscussionGraham names the Provinces, his pronounciation is suspect, other Canada Talk
58:5558:58DiscussionAlberta's Official Logo and Canada Talk--
58:5858:58DiscussionGraham refuses to apologize to the Shetlands--
58:5860:11Drive/Giveaway$6.49 drive for The Tote for HopeWelsummer--
59:0059:01Skit^ Matt makes the bag talk on skullcam--
59:0259:06DiscussionThe room talks about the penny being abolished, and Canadian Currency
59:0659:11SongJordan Sings Google Translated Let It Go
59:07--Technical^ Snowflakes Overlay--
59:1159:16DiscussionGraham explains why the toonie is called that (and subsequent money discussion)
59:1459:17SongGraham sings the Theme Song to Bucky O'Hare
59:1759:19Video/ImageThe actual intro video to Bucky O'Hare--
59:1459:45DiscussionTheme songs/TV show intro discussion
59:2059:21Video/Image^ An Intro for The Bots Master--
59:2159:23Discussion^ Graham Reads Lyrics to The Bots Master Song--
59:2359:25Video/Image^ Intro to Mummies Alive--
59:2559:26Discussion^ The Gargoyles Show, other 90s animation--
59:2659:28PlugTote for Hope--
59:27--CrashCrash for LeeLee - Too Much Nostalgia--
59:2759:27PrankOnly Time - Enya For Leelee, then WASTED
59:2859:43DiscussionMore Old Childrens TV
59:2859:32Video/ImageIntros For Japanese X-Men--
59:34--OtherNew Driver Name: Batmanaa--
59:3559:37Video/ImageInto for Japanese Batman --
59:36--Game EventBus Stop--
59:3859:40SongCarmen Sandiego themes are sung acapella
59:4059:43Video/ImageWhere in Time is Carmen Sandiego--
59:3859:45DiscussionCarmen Sandiego themes and discussion
59:4459:47DiscussionThe New Magic Schoolbus
59:4659:47Video/Image^ The Infamous Helmet Removal Scene--
59:47--PlugTote Bag--
59:48--Burn!"Can you drive a car?" Julie to Graham, after Graham says he can't drive stick--
59:4959:49DiscussionThe new Duck Tales--
59:50--PlugLip sync battle on Thursday afternoon--
59:5159:51PosterThe Poster Update is Shown--
59:5259:53DiscussionThe chicken songs
59:5259:53MeltdownGraham's summation of the chicken hat experience slays Matt
59:5359:53RDPRDP: Fantastic Baby - Big Bang
59:5459:54PrankJeej as a "klingon" attacks Matt
59:5459:54OtherBen finds a slowed down cymbol hit--
59:5459:56DiscussionDiscussing stretched / very slowed down songs
59:5659:58DiscussionHow was Leelee's Shift
59:5860:00PhysicalA Klingon ship attacked, Cori died
59:59--Technical^ Serious camera shake--
59:59--Meltdown^ Cori didn't brace for impact to the "starboard bow"--
60:0060:00Crash^ Leelee crashes again, but definitely not on her shift. She immediately gets up and walks away--
60:00--Driver Shift ChangeBeej's shift begins--
60:0060:01DiscussionBeej and Ian make their usual bad Star Trek jokes--
60:02--OtherVery Slow Sound Effects--
60:02--OtherNew driver name: HUMAN--
60:0360:09DanceSlowed down Gangnam Style and engineering takes us all to HellExperience Beej[✓]
60:0360:03DiscussionHas anyone gotten a point yet this year? Graham assures us that yes, he has.--
60:0360:09TechnicalEvery effect in the video board is activated and we are all in HellGangnam Hell, out of order --
60:1160:12PrankThe drumroll was turned into chicken noises
60:14--MilestoneDesert Bus reached the front page of Twitch after slowed down Gangnam Style--
60:1560:15TechnicalUnexpected wipe. No really even engineering was surprised--
60:1560:15TechnicalBubbles effect on main camera. No one knows why.--
60:1661:35Drive/Giveaway$7.13 drive for Kingdom Hearts Heartless backpackWondermoo--
60:15--MilestoneDB4 total reached!--
60:1660:17RDPRDP: Levels - Avicii
60:17--Meltdown^ Graham loses it at Ian asking about Beej's standinclude in above--
60:22--TechnicalJohnny and Ben investigate a weird sound, make sure Moonbase doesn't burn down--
60:2260:25DiscussionTonight on Desert Bus: Beej has some plans, stick around for Zeta, doesn't care what happens to his body...
60:2360:24Prank^ Sound effects, image distortion on Beej, "You Died", then old-timey filter on room--
60:2460:24Prank^ Cut to wide shot, crew are enacting finger of god?--
60:24--Meltdown^ Room meltdowns at slowed down music--
60:2860:29SkitBeej explains how storm works in MTG, accompanied by slowed down Wii shop music
60:2960:31SkitBeej runs through the plot of Kingdom Hearts and then Jeej dances to slowed down Simple and Clean
60:30--Meltdown^ Jeej died--
60:3560:36DiscussionHave the Disney Kingdoms been saved?--
60:3660:44DiscussionPredict winners of NJPW based on gifs/images of the wrestlers (5/6 Beej/Ian, 6/6 Graham)Betsy
60:38--Discussion^ Cody vs Kota Ibushi -- IbushiCorrect--
60:38--Discussion^ Roppongi 3K vs The Young Bucks -- The Young BucksCorrect--
60:40--Discussion^ Marty Scurll vs Hiromu Takahashi vs Kushida vs Will Ospreay -- "Time Splitter" Kushida (Graham picks Ospreay)Incorrect / Graham correct--
60:41--Discussion^ Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Jay White -- TanahashiCorrect--
60:42--Discussion^ Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho -- Kenny OmegaCorrect--
60:43--Discussion^ Kazuchika Okada vs Tetsuya Naito -- OkadaCorrect--
60:4460:47PlugSilent Auctions--
60:45--TechnicalThe electrical buzzing is back - it's the Driver mic?--
60:4860:49PrankJohnny scares Beej. It doesn't work. Ian scares Beej. It works too well.
60:4960:50TechnicalBen talks about how to diganose an audio problem
60:5060:51SkitGraham does a Dave's Spokesman wrestling promo
60:5260:53SkitRapper's Delight as spoken by Dave's Spokesman
60:5360:54DiscussionBeej describes his WWE fanfic ship pair: AJ Styles and a color swap of AJ Styles
60:5461:01SkitRecap stock images as if they were moments that made it onto the DB posterMolly[✓]
61:0261:04PlugCurrent giveaway - Heartless Shadow Backpack and Zelda Crossstitch--
61:02--PrankJeej loves Ben very much--
61:05--TechnicalRip everyone's ears as performance mic dies--
61:0561:07DiscussionBen explains how easy it is to turn off the performance mic, Beej refutes the ease
61:0861:08RDPRDP: Get Down On It - Kool & The Gang
61:0861:09PlugBotW cross-stitch--
61:0961:10DiscussionBeej can say Release before belching, but can't say he's turning off the mic
61:09--MeltdownZeta begins early--
61:1061:15DiscussionGraham discovers Alex's anime mouth, contemplates gargling hand sanitizer
61:1561:16DiscussionRoom is polled on who's licked a Switch cartridge, it goes off the rails
61:1761:17SongSped up Spanish Flea
61:1861:56OtherThe Saga of Ben (Supercut)[✓]
61:1861:19DiscussionBen talks about how cool it is to drop a mic
61:1961:20TechnicalJeej and Leels take over DB audio--
61:2061:20RDPRDP: Chicken Alarm - Aya El-Sayed [CoRDPi]
61:20--Enter/ExitBen leaves in a huff--
61:21--PrankJeej finds the airhorn button--
61:2161:23SkitDramatically reading the ingredients of cinnamon crunch
61:22--FoodBeej is fed cereal--
61:2461:25DiscussionThe picture of Beej and Ian that should never be shown--
61:2561:26PhysicalIan vaccuums Beej as Duel of the Fates plays (that succ tho)
61:27--PrankHeartless Shadow Backpack on Skullcam looking like nothing but two buns--
61:2761:28PlugHeartless Shadow Backpack giveaway--
61:2861:29PrankHearless Shadow Backpack is _actually_ nothing but two buns. Ian eats one.
61:2861:29Video/ImageMessage from Ben, on his way home
61:3061:34GameDestiny Shader or Welcome to Nightvale Episode?
61:3661:38PhysicalThe room discusses their heart rates, does deep breathing--
61:3661:37DiscussionFunny Aussie place names
61:38--OtherThe room misses Ben--
61:3961:39TechnicalLeelee fades out, if Jeej can figure out how--
61:3961:40DiscussionMaking sure Ben didn't lock himself out, wait he can't--
61:4061:43PrankReplace Ben with a plaid Creepydoll--
61:4061:40PhysicalMatt "dances" in a mostly empty room--
61:4261:42SkitDave's spokesman does ASMR
61:4261:43Video/ImageBen arrives home. Wait, who's filming?[✓]
61:4361:44Skit^ "Ben" is back and apologises[✓]--
61:4561:46Video/ImageBen, at home, is drinking--
61:4761:54PrankCreepy Ben takes out Jeej
61:47--Enter/ExitJeej, from this mortal coil--
61:4861:51PrankBeej asks Ian to unwrap a candy. Graham eats the candy and Beej eats the wrapper.
61:48--Meltdown^ Graham dies. I guess the candy was poison? Mia died by association.--
61:4961:50Food^ It's ok, Ian brought enough for the whole class--
61:5161:54SkitGraham delivers Jeej's eulogy
61:51--Burn!^ Jeej's ghost says how crap the eulogy was--
61:5261:54Skit^ Beej gives an "actual" eulogy--
61:5361:54Song^ Enya - Only Time plays--
61:55-Enter/ExitThe "willing" return of Ben!--
61:5561:56PhysicalBen defeats the impostor
61:5661:56DiscussionBen actually answers why you don't drop the mic.--
61:5762:01FoodGraham puts X amount of mints in his mouth (X = 11)
61:5861:59StoryMint Heaven Now reference explained via McElroys
62:0062:03Shift ChangeAnd now the Zeta truly begins
62:0162:02Dance^ Zeta entrance--
62:0362:03Physical^ Let's rotate the cushions!--
62:0462:05StoryBeej is afraid of crashing
62:0562:05SkitBeej eats the leftover cereal off the chair--
62:0662:08PlugSilent Auctions--
62:07--PhysicalLeelee is taking up the whole couch, so Jeej just sits on her--
62:0962:09RDPRDP: Trampoline - Kero Kero Bonito
62:1062:12PlugLive Auction - LoZ: BotW Crossstitch--
62:1262:52GameCan you show this Anime to your Parents?[✓]
62:16--Game^ .hack//Sign--
62:20--Game^ Baldr Force EXE--
62:21--Game^ Net-juu No Susume--
62:22--Game^ Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?--
62:24--Game^ Vision of Escaflone--
62:25--Game^ Isekai Shokudou--
62:27--Game^ Tenchi War on Geminar--
62:29--Game^ Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!--
62:32--Game^ Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken--
62:34--Game^ Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita--
62:37--Game^ Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken--
62:38--Game^ Freezing--
62:41--Game^ Jumping--
62:42--Game^ Working--
62:43--Game^ Yogurting (Beej trolls the room) (Korean/Japanese MMO)--
62:45--Game^ Fastening Days--
62:47--Game^ Caligula--
62:47--Game^ Killing Bites--
62:49--Game^ Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san--
62:50--Game^ Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san--
62:5362:54PlugCurrent Silent Auctions--
62:52--PosterPoster update v8
62:5562:58DiscussionBeej anime advice time
62:5862:59DiscussionHow long is DB merch avalible for--
63:0063:22AuctionLegend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cross Stitch - $6665kylewlacy
63:0063:01RDPRDP: September - Earth, Wind & Fire
63:0163:03Skit^ Matt attempts to steal the Breath of the Wild Cross Stitch
63:12--Other^ Featherweight_ sweetens the pig w/ 20 notebooks and a Notebook wallet--
63:16--Other^ Further sweetening with a Dice Bag--
63:19--Other^ Further Sweetening with a Shoulder Bag--
63:2363:30DiscussionGraham was cleaning out a sippy cup and it makes a noise
63:2463:29Dance^ English Caramelldansen in various speeds - Ben's revenge on Graham for a high pitch whistling strawInclude above--
63:27--Video/Image^ Caramelldansen video--
63:2963:30DiscussionThis is how it ends--
63:30--Enter/ExitExit Graham--
63:3063:31PlugKen Stacey Power Hours tomorrow--
63:3163:32RDPRDP: Just Dance - Lady Gaga
63:3363:33DiscussionShould Beej clip the mic back onto himself--
63:3363:35StoryMia's shirt is cool
63:3563:35DiscussionPAX Unplugged is over--
63:3563:37StoryMia had order number 69 and couldn't help saying Nice
63:36--Enter/ExitMax leaves--
63:3763:40PhysicalThe room hugs
63:3863:40Discussion^ People are moist--
63:4063:40StoryJulie has seen cute animals--
63:4063:41DiscussionThe difference between damp and moist--
63:4163:42OtherThe room reacts to engineering showing them cute animals, but not the stream
63:4463:45RDPRDP: Hey Now - Matt and Kim
63:43--PhotosNew photos of Beej's "opening"--
63:45--Enter/ExitExit Kolin and Matt--
63:4663:47DiscussionIan explains how shipping works, turns into Ian is a tamagotchi somehow--
63:4863:50DiscussionIntroducing the room--
63:5163:56DiscussionHorns and their relation to Shakespeare, Shakespeare and theatre in general
63:5763:58PlugCurrent Silent auctions--
63:58--OtherCam's clicky mug annoys Ben--
63:5864:00DiscussionFlintstones discussion--
64:0064:02Video/ImageMelting chocolate rabbits from Mia
64:0464:07PlugNew Silent Auctions--
64:07--FoodBeej spills the whole thing, on himself--
64:0764:10DiscussionAdventure zone/DnD podcasts
64:10--OtherBeej goes to drop some frames--
64:1064:11Enter/ExitIan "tactically rolls" out
64:1064:11DiscussionIan's tactical abilities--
64:1264:13DiscussionGoing to sleep podcasts
64:13--Enter/ExitIan returns because he forgot his keys, does not roll out--
64:1464:16DiscussionMia explains her dislike of Tolkien
64:1564:16Discussion^ Tabletop RPGsinclude in above--
64:1664:18Video/ImageAlex cracks up the room via robotic military drill
64:1964:21DiscussionObduction into walking simulator discussion
64:2166:05Drive/Giveaway$6.55 drive for the MTG Hascon exclusivesMarcanius--
64:2764:30DiscussionMtG discussion Paper and Puzzle Quest versions--
64:3064:34DiscussionMobile game monetisation discussion
64:3464:37ReadingAndy reads a poem
64:3764:40DiscussionMia gives advice on being a PhD student
64:4164:41PlugCurrent donation drive--
64:4164:44DiscussionBeej's Zeta PSA--
64:4464:48ReadingCam and Andy act out a scene from the end of The Dark Knight[✓]
64:4564:46DiscussionThe room talks about if and what instruments they play--
64:4564:46StoryMia tells a story of her father's studying--
64:4664:51DiscussionBatman v Superman/ The Man from uncle/ other movies
64:5164:52RDPRDP: Wild Ones - Flo Rida Ft. Sia
64:5264:53DiscussionThe room introduces themselves again--
64:5464:57ReadingAndy reads some Falstaff
64:5765:04DiscussionDiscussing Falstaff and even more Shakespeare talk
65:03--Game EventBeej gets a B-B-B-B-Bug Splat--
65:0465:10SkitHelping and dressing Beej for his interview
65:1065:15DiscussionGlasses and styles
65:1265:13DiscussionBeej discusses Apple--
65:12--OtherBeej needs to do more chin exercises--
65:1665:17PhysicalThe room hops for a minute as they are now Desert Bus for Hop
65:16--PlugMTG Hascon exclusives--
65:1765:18DiscussionGetting Andy into Magic--
65:1865:18DiscussionMore glasses discussion--
65:1965:19DiscussionAlberta discussion--
65:1965:22ReadingBeej reads a speech from Independence Day as Derek
65:2065:20RDPRDP: This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
65:2265:24DiscussionTalking about Derek/Qwerpline
65:2465:41DiscussionThe room answers What movie/music is their guilty pleasure
65:4165:46GameSit and stand theatre game
65:4265:46ReadingAndy reads an inspirational story
65:4665:46Physical3-person human pyramid
65:4766:04SkitImprovise a court case about Desert Bus: C. Doll Esq. v B. Ulmer on the charge of murder. Presided over by the honorable Beej
66:0566:06SongMusic happened to the room
66:0766:08DiscussionBeej discusses the reduction of prizes this year
66:0866:15DiscussionHow long has everybody been awake?
66:1567:33Drive/Giveaway$5.20 drive for The DB20Phidica--
66:2066:21Discussion420 smoke weed every day--
66:2566:29PlugSilent Auctions--
66:2966:52DiscussionTalking about the other Justin McElroy, Canadian media, CanCon laws, TV shows from your childhood
66:37--MeltdownCam 's brain melts as chat figures out the show he can't remember (Starcom)--
66:5266:53RDPRDP: Stronger - Kanye West (Not uploaded - blocked worldwide)--
66:53--MeltdownCam needs a reboot--
66:5466:55PlugDB20 giveaway--
66:5566:56PhysicalEveryone goes to get coffee, or stuff--
66:5666:58DiscussionBeej forgot his lines, and they can't find the script (which is, of course, all part of the script)
66:5866:59StoryBeej tells a story about Nathan Fillion not buying a comic
66:5967:05PhysicalBuild a fort!
67:0367:06DiscussionIce cream chords help someone--
67:0667:08PhysicalThe room infomercals everything for 10(?) minutes
67:0867:09RDPRDP: Jump - Kris Kross
67:0867:09Physical^ Dance like Cam--
67:1167:12PhysicalAndy recites a monologue from his recent plays whilst doing push ups
67:1267:16SkitBeej instructs the room "Tai Chi"
67:1767:19PlugThe current giveaway--
67:1967:26PhysicalDoing the english alphabet with bodys in the room
67:26--OtherBen breaks the already broken .com--
67:2767:28ReadingAndy reads a speech from Gurren Lagann
67:2967:33DiscussionAndy's adventure in voice acting for Ratchet and Clank, general voice acting discussion
67:3367:34Behind the ScenesBeej walks Ben through drawing a giveaway winner--
67:3467:35PrankDonation draw sound effects are a B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Beejdrop
67:3567:38PlugSilent auction, to a-capella Mario rap--
67:3867:40DiscussionDetermination in driving shifts
67:4067:42PhysicalPassing a cube around the room without using your hands (to yakkity sax)
67:4267:43Technicalv Andre vaccuums the room to the tune of an RDP--
67:4367:44RDPRDP: Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
67:4467:44DiscussionMia has to correct herself from whale dong--
67:4567:56StoryFavorite stories about Desert Bus
68:2068:25Video/ImageBeej shows Mia (and the rest of the room) how it's Time for Sushi
67:5767:59TechnicalChat broke, Ben drives as Beej does tech support--
68:0068:04OtherBeej gives Ben his point, because he's never gotten one before
68:0068:02Shift ChangeDawn guard begins (weakly)
68:04--Game EventBen gets his very first point--
68:02--Enter/ExitSerge comes in with a late "Guard"--
68:0368:03DiscussionJames' intro starts to outdo Beej's never ending intro--
68:06--Game EventBus stop!--
68:0468:12DiscussionRecap of the events of the night--
68:1368:19DiscussionLooking back at the NFL predictions
68:2168:25Video/ImageTime for Sushi
68:2568:26DiscussionThe Going To The Store store--
68:26--Enter/ExitExit Ben, going home for real this time.--
68:2668:27RDPRDP: Die Young - Ke$ha
68:2769:24GuestJared from Jagasilk, the Maccha Man
69:0469:05Enter/ExitMia leaves for the year--
69:19--Game EventBus stop!--
69:2470:22Drive/Giveaway$7.94 drive for the Maccha Tea SetNo Donor Account--
69:27--Milestone$222,222 on the dot!--
69:2769:28RDPRDP: Light It Up - Major Lazer ft. Nyla & Fuse ODG
69:2869:28RDPRDP: Best Song Ever - One Direction
69:3069:33PlugSilent Auctions: Apocalypse McGillicutty the Chocobo and Garyl The Spectral Binicorn--
69:3369:33OtherJames teases Beej with a potential Fangamer drop--
69:3469:44DiscussionJames addresses questions of the trustworthiness of Desert Bus for new viewers--
69:3669:44StoryStories about how early Desert Bus handled donations
69:44--Milestone$20k Shift Total--
69:44--PlugJames plugs the Ken Steacy Power Hour(s)--
69:46--PlugMaccha giveaway--
69:5270:00DiscussionCanadian living treasures
70:0070:19GameGameshow #3: Dis or DatNoy2222
70:01--Game^ Cards Against Humanity, Magic Card, or BOTH--
70:01--Game^ Garbage Fire - MtG--
70:02--Game^ Natural Selection - Both--
70:02--Game^ Shaft - CAH--
70:03--Game^ Mortal Combat - MTG--
70:03--Game^ Aggression - MTG--
70:04--Game^ Demonic Possession - CAH--
70:05--Game^ Famine - Both--
70:05--Game^ Friendly Fire - Both--
70:05--Game^ Nothing - CAH--
70:06--Game^ Game Console OR Fictional Robot--
70:06--Game^ Conky 2000 - Robot--
70:06--Game^ IQ-9 - Robot--
70:07--Game^ VC 4000 - Game Console--
70:07--Game^ Vectrex - Game Console--
70:08--Game^ Otomo - Robot--
70:08--Game^ Box - Robot--
70:09--Game^ Bridge Companion - Game Console--
70:09--Game^ Project 2501 - Robot--
70:10--Game^ PC-50X - Game Console--
70:10--Game^ Playdia - Game Console--
70:10--Game^ Crapshot, John Grisham Novel, or BOTH--
70:11--Game^ The Training - Crapshot--
70:11--Game^ The Appeal - John Grisham Novel--
70:12--Game^ The Associate - John Grisham Novel--
70:12--Game^ The Club - Crapshot--
70:13--Game^ The Client - John Grisham--
70:13--Game^ The Council - Crapshot--
70:13--Game^ The Confession - Both--
70:14--Game^ The Office - Crapshot--
70:14--Game^ The Summons - John Grisham Novel--
70:15--Game^ The Stranger - Crapshot--
70:15--Game^ Name of a Desert OR Model of a Bus--
70:16--Game^ Accona - Desert--
70:16--Game^ Solera - Bus--
70:16--Game^ Nordic - Bus--
70:16--Game^ Simpson - Desert--
70:17--Game^ Combi - Bus--
70:17--Game^ Thar - Desert--
70:17--Game^ Agora - Bus--
70:18--Game^ Meridian - Bus--
70:18--Game^ Pedirka - Desert--
70:18--Game^ Citaro - Bus--
70:2070:22DiscussionDesert Bus Anime and Hikaru No Go
70:2270:22PrankDawnguard learns that the giveaway drumroll has been replaced by the Beej Drop
70:2370:25DiscussionWizard Souls
70:2670:26DiscussionIs Beej OK?--
70:2770:38GameMagic Card, Metal Band, or BOTH - Beasts Edition
70:3970:43PlugMTG Commander 2011 Counterpunch Deck Uncut Sheet--
70:4470:59Behind the ScenesDesert Bus Video Tech talk
70:51--Milestone$228,050! (10 Desert Bucks)--
70:53--Game EventBeej gets a Bus stop!--
70:5871:57Drive/Giveaway$5.01 drive for the Uncut Sheet of Commander 2011 - CounterpunchBellatrixskr--
70:5770:58DiscussionBeej talks Mozilla programming (or lack thereof) and browsers
71:0271:04DiscussionIf you cut the uncut sheet, are they legal?
71:0571:07DiscussionRecap of what anime you could show to your parents
71:06--MilestoneBeej gets a Desert Buck shift total--
71:0771:13DiscussionKnitting update into "The Joy of Knitting"
71:1371:16DiscussionBeej, what anime character would you like to drive the bus as?
71:1471:20PlugSilent auctions--
71:2071:25SkitWhat are magnets and how do they work
71:2671:29DiscussionHow the driver shifts have been going--
71:3071:35ReadingTyler the loneliest space whale of all Wertler
71:35--OtherEmergent gameplay: Beej is using his windscreen wipers to peel the cheese off the road and feed it to the bus--
71:36--MilestoneBeej reaches 25k shift total--
71:3671:37RDPRDP: Gee - Girls' Generation
71:3771:45DiscussionDesert bus day/night cycles and the Sega CD
71:40--Discussion^ GameHut YouTube channel--
71:45--Discussion^ Other consoles and the Bink codec--
71:4571:52DiscussionRoom discusses maybe having multiple Desert Buses. No.
71:4771:48PlugCommander 2011 Uncut Sheet giveaway--
71:48--Game EventBeej gets another Bus stop--
71:5171:54DiscussionBeej's Apple watch told him to stand up, Beej's driver stats and social media accounts
71:5471:56DiscussionThe road looks like cheese: sleep deprevation is a hell of a drug--
71:5871:58DiscussionBeej drop with human vocal chords--
71:5872:00DiscussionDay four starting--