DesertBus 10 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 10 - Day 4

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
72:01--Driver Shift ChangeKara/Kate Watt's (Billsmom) shift begins--
72:0172:06Enter/ExitEnter Kate Watt, dressed as Superwoman
72:0272:04PhysicalGloves come out, as Kate Watt and others sanitizer the chair and controller--
72:0472:06StoryKate Watt reveals that she has always been Superwoman--
72:0872:08Drive/GiveawayZelda squid ($9.83)TehSpud--
72:0872:13DiscussionKate Watt asks when night ends in Desert Bus--
72:1372:13PlugZelda cephalopod (squid) plug--
72:1572:15RDPRDP: Work from Home - Fifth Harmony Ft. Ty Dolla $ign
72:1572:16OtherTara puts nitrile gloves on Harry the Creepydoll--
72:1672:18PlugDesert Bus 10 shirt! Live and in person--
72:2075:00Drive/GiveawaySteampunk Rally for a line drawing of a superheroTorill--
72:21--MilestoneDB1+2+3 Combined totals surpassed!--
72:2472:24ShoutoutKate Watt shoutout to her grandchildren, the hospital where her kids stayed and their doctor--
72:25--Enter/ExitAshton goes home to get sleep--
72:2772:29PhysicalKara and Kate do Superhero Poses, for the art challenge
72:2972:29RDPRDP: Endless Fantasy - Anamanaguchi
72:30--PlugDoubleclicks call-in--
72:3172:37StoryFun uplifting travel story: Uncle Pat Goes Sightseeing
72:34--Game EventBugsplat (#7, 3 in a row)--
72:2572:35OtherKara puts gloves on all of the squid's tentacles--
72:38--Enter/ExitEnter LeeLee--
72:3772:37OtherKara shows off the squid with gloves--
72:4072:40DiscussionThe Bone Zone--
72:4072:41Video/ImageKate Watt's Ken Steacy Artwork of Bill--
72:4272:48Story"Action" Story: Why Kate knows that WetNaps are low on the Turner scale...but James has to confirm[✓]
72:49--OtherHandsy the Squid gets dubbed--
72:4972:50DiscussionAshton is allergic to a single chicken.--
72:5172:52DiscussionApparently chat needed to know to not drink rubbing alcohol--
72:5272:52PlugHandsy Squid Plug--
72:52--Enter/ExitAshton ACTUALLY leaves--
72:5472:54RDPRDP Troll: All Star - East Australian Humpback Whales[✓]
72:5772:59PlugDouble Clicks/ Line Art--
72:5973:45GuestThe DoubleClicks Call-In[✓]
73:02--Crash^ Kate Watt Crashes on the left, possibly because of device issues? (#19)--
73:0373:06Song^ Dimetrodon--
73:0773:09Discussion^ Can you tell us anything about your next album? Your hair looks great.--
73:0973:14Song^ Mobius? (new song)--
73:1573:17Discussion^ If you could have any celebrity team-up what would it be?--
73:1773:18Discussion^ How do you get up in the morning motivation wise?--
73:1973:20Discussion^ What are the "default" chords of cello and do you avoid or embrace them?--
73:2073:23Song^ Mr. Bear--
73:2473:25Discussion^ Mr. Bear, the Doubleclicks history on desertbus and Angela's upcoming birthday--
73:2573:26Discussion^ Any chance of you appearing at PAX Aus again?--
73:2673:27Discussion^ How many times was freebird requested before you wrote a response--
73:2773:30Discussion^ Wikipedia says you play the "cat keyboard", what is that?--
73:2973:29Song^ Doctor Who theme on cat keyboard
73:3073:35Song^ Jimmy Eat World - The Middle--
73:3573:37Discussion^ Dammitliz asks "How cool is your dad?"--
73:3773:38Discussion^ What would you put on your dashboard if you were a bus driver? A live cat--
73:3873:39Discussion^ How lickable is a cello? Have you ever eaten off one?--
73:4173:44Song^ This is My Jam--
73:4573:51SongTaking care of Business room sing-a-long (partial mumblecore)
73:5173:56PlugReviewing silent auctions--
73:5474:00DiscussionChapstick, who uses it?
74:02--Shift ChangeAlpha Flight begins! CAWWW!--
74:0675:05Drive/GiveawayIron Man/Racer X/The Wanderers Sketches by Ken SteacyTyranic-Moron--
74:05--PhotosTake that bot! Andrew beats the bot to announce photos (by half a second, with chat delay)--
74:0674:06RDPRDP: S Club Party - S Club 7
74:09--Enter/ExitJerry Holkins enters--
74:1074:16StoryJerry's tales of destination confusion[✓]
74:14--TechnicalPicnic! Stream blip for some--
74:1774:19StoryJerry/Tycho from PA introduces himself, more tales of Canadian place confusion and travel--
74:1974:21PlugPlug for Ken Steacy sketches--
74:2274:27StoryHow did Child's Play get founded
74:2774:31DiscussionWhat is Emily making again?--
74:3174:32DiscussionTurner Scale - Jerry was licked for 13 minutes (by his new puppy)--
74:3274:40DiscussionQuestion time for Jerry
74:4074:47PlugArt challenge and Giveaways--
74:4775:03DiscussionMore questions for Jerry
75:0275:03RDPRDP: Roar - Katy Perry
75:0576:00Drive/GiveawayDark Link Sword ($11.11)CourierColdFire--
75:0975:10PlugKris Straub call in plug--
75:1075:12Video/ImageTaking Jerry to the store
75:1675:16PhysicalEveryone gives Kate Watt a hug--
75:1775:22PlugJer Talks about the Mobile Executable - Specifically the Sticker Pack! && The Link Sword is shown off[✓]
75:2275:23SongJerry and Paul sing Down to Old Maui
75:2475:24SongJerry freestyles a Desert Bus rap
75:24--PosterPoster update! - v7 -
75:2575:25DiscussionJerury, what is the best song?--
75:2575:28M-M-Multi Challenge!3 challenges at once!
75:25--Song^ Jerury asks for The King of Carrot Flowers--
75:25--Dance^ Kathleen and Johnny slowdance to The King of Carrot Flowers--
75:25--Physical^ Kara and Jerury play DB at the same time--
75:28--Physical^ Tally twirls in her cat dress--
75:29--Milestone$15k shift total--
75:3075:32DiscussionWhat's Jerury's favorite 's' word?
75:3175:32DiscussionJerury is challenged to make a bus safe swear--
75:3375:40PlugSilent Auction Plugs--
75:4075:42PhysicalJer "demonstrates" the dark link sword--
75:4175:47DiscussionCanadian and Austrailian pronunciation fascinates Jerury--
75:4775:48PhysicalLeels demonstrates the dark link sword, which is apparently in this season
75:50--OtherRoom roll call--
75:5375:55DiscussionWhat to read with Jerry
75:5575:57Discussion^ Ghost in the Shell discussion--
75:5775:58RDPRDP: 99 Luftballoons - Nena
76:0076:00RDPRDP: Tik Tok - Ke$ha
76:0376:04RDPRDP: Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
76:0576:07StoryJerury shares D&D stories
76:0876:09DiscussionDiscussion of the "pit of sadness"--
76:10--Enter/ExitExit Mia--
76:1076:14DiscussionTalk about sensory deprivation Tanks, and what horrors they may bring about in Kathleen's mind.
76:1476:17SongJerry sings My Belruel
76:2076:26DanceJerry learns Caramelldansen
76:3079:50Drive/GiveawayColoring contest for DB 10 Fangamer shirtLexi--
76:3276:33RDPRDP: Move Your Boogie Body - The Bar-Kays
76:3376:33PlugKris Straub plug--
76:3576:37DiscussionJerury's "The Store" Experience--
76:4278:10Drive/GiveawayShadows over Innistrad art book with full foil set of Shadows over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon ($13.13)Jszazz--
76:47--MilestoneDesert Buck in Kara/Kate's Shift--
76:4776:50DiscussionBone Zone T-shirt? Should it be a thing?--
76:5076:53StoryThe terrible idea that was mass-printing Wii play shirts
76:5476:59PlugSoI art book and foil set--
76:5977:29GuestKris Straub from Desert Kris (ChainSaw Suit, Broodhallow and Candle Cove)[✓]
77:0177:02Technical^ Kris assumes direct control--
77:1077:11Discussion^ What would you keep on your dashboard? Branded air freshener--
77:1277:14Discussion^ What has Candle Cove been like to see happen?--
77:12--The Device^ Auto-honk--
77:1577:18Discussion^ Crashes this year--
77:2077:21Discussion^ What's your favourite memory from 11 years of Desert Kris?--
77:2577:27Discussion^ What are your current projects?--
77:3077:30RDPRDP: Kanye - The Chainsmokers Ft. Sirenxx
77:3077:31RDPRDP: Barbie Girl - Aqua
77:35--Enter/ExitExit Jerury--
77:3677:40Behind the ScenesJohnny describes how remote-driving was set up
77:3877:40PlugDonation drive to remote-play DesertBus, sometime during the run--
77:40--ShoutoutShoutout to Mary for bringing cookies etc--
77:4177:43DiscussionBroadway songs, mainly spiderman--
77:4677:54SongKara sings Poor Unforunate Souls from The Little Mermaid
77:49--Milestone$30K Shift Total--
77:5978:04SongKara sings She Used To Be Mine by Sara Bareilles
78:0478:04RDPRDP: Play that Funky Music - Wild Cherry
78:04--PhotosAndrew announces new photos, but does not try to beat the bot this time--
78:04--Game EventBug Splat! (#8, 1 in a row)--
78:0578:08DiscussionSleeping schedules, or the lack thereof--
78:0878:09DiscussionHamburger Helper rap mixtape--
78:1078:11PlugDrawing for the full foil set of Innistrad Block + Artbook--
78:1378:14OtherSweater update from Emily, 75%--
78:1478:17SongKara sings "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid, while Jamie lip-syncs and the room re-enacts it
78:1978:22DiscussionTalking about this year's crashes so far, and Jer multitasking games--
78:2278:26DiscussionContinued discussion of games--
78:2578:25RDPRDP: Get Down On It - Kool & The Gang
78:2679:01Drive/GiveawayDonation drive for Night and the Enemy anthology editions - by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy ($5.43)Yamauchi's_scarf--
78:2978:29RDPRDP Troll: Think! - Merv Griffin (The Jeopardy Theme Song)
78:3078:33SongRoom sings "Seasons of Love" from Rent
78:3378:35DiscussionIan does SCIENCE trying to explain how we should measure a year
78:3678:47DiscussionThe room gives Kindergarten advice
78:4478:45PlugKids' coloring contest--
78:4578:47DiscussionDraft tweets, and forgetting you wrote them--
78:4878:56SkitIan and Jer give "The Talk"...about using Desert Bus stickers
78:5678:57PhotosAndrew does some misdirection and introduces Kate to announce new photos--
78:5778:57RDPRDP: Raise Your Glass - P!nk
79:0379:07ReadingKara reads a "A Moment of Calm" from
79:07--TechnicalOverlay resets. Everything is fine.--
79:0879:11Plug$8.30 Giveaway for MtG Conspiracy box--
79:09--Enter/ExitEnter Super-Kate-Watt--
79:1179:13DiscussionFavorite Desert Bus gifs--
79:1479:15ShoutoutShoutout to Kate Watt's grandkids (Megan and Matt), who are watching--
79:1579:17SongSing and dance to the Pokemon theme
79:1080:01Drive/GiveawayConspiracy: Take the Crown box ($8.30)No Donor Account!--
79:1879:19DiscussionPokemon discussion--
79:2079:21PlugMTG conspiracy 2 box plug--
79:2179:23SongIan sings the "Samurai Pizza Cats" theme
79:2379:24RDPRDP: Montage - Bradley Rains
79:2579:32StoryKathleen tells the "Horrible Woman" story (Kathleen is the horrible woman)
79:29--Shame Ticket^ Kathleen gets a well-deserved shame ticket for swearing on camera (profusely)--
79:3179:32ShoutoutShoutout to ben's trivia night--
79:3379:33PlugIQ2000 Trivia--
79:3379:34TechnicalTrouble contacting bidder on Zelda bag -- item may be reauctioned later--
79:3679:49StoryEveryone recounts and reenacts their favourite moments from Desert Bus past
79:3879:48StoryAndrew tells the story of the Fugi shirts, and some of his other pranks, others join in--
79:4879:49PlugGoing over the Conspiracy: Run the Jewels giveaway--
79:5079:53Video/ImageGoing over the winners of the kids colouring art challenge--
79:5579:59SongTally sings "The Spine" from the Transistor OST
80:00--Milestone$35K shift total!--
80:0080:01RDPRDP: Aquarius - The 5th Dimension
80:0380:03ShoutoutShipping shoutout--
80:0380:04PlugAMA tomorrow on Reddit--
80:04--Shift ChangeNight Watch, with Night Court--
80:0480:06Video/ImageNight Court Intro for Night Watch, episode 2
80:0880:09DiscussionShift change discussion, and somone is honking their horn outside--
80:0980:11DiscussionKate Watt explains different driving styles--
80:12--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
80:1280:14SongMatt wants to take you to the Bone Zone (Gay Bar parody)[✓]
80:1580:16PhysicalMatt congratulation hug--
80:1681:05Drive/GiveawayPinny Arcade Limited Edition pins ($6.07)BboopNnb and turtle--
80:19--ShoutoutShoutout to Graham's parents who are watching Penelope--
80:2080:41SkitKate & Kathleen give horrible advice
80:4280:42PlugPenny Arcade pins, now including Child's Play pin--
80:43--Enter/ExitKathleen exit--
80:4380:46DiscussionJer lost a video, the crew talks about escape room MTG card--
80:4780:47RDPRDP: Sports! - Tim and Eric
80:4880:51DiscussionKate Watt shows off a noisy monkey slingshot toy
80:5180:52PhysicalLeeLee, as a Magikarp, demonstrates the difference between Splash and Struggle--
80:5280:56ReadingGraham reads a Markov wrestling promo
80:5680:57OtherAshton announces they will reauction the Zelda bag on Friday from 10AM to 6PM--
80:58--Enter/ExitEnter Bengineering--
80:5881:04SkitGraham confirms the suspicions of Engineering, who then play ABC for Ben
81:0081:02DiscussionBen explains why ABC is funny for people who missed it before--
81:0281:04PhysicalBen tries his hand at touching the ceiling with the monkey --
81:0481:04MeltdownThe flying monkey defeats Ben, he walks out in disgust.--
81:06--Game EventPoint Get! (#5, 1 in a row)--
81:0681:07RDPRDP: Popipo - Hatsune Miku
81:0781:07RDPRDP: Hawaii Five-O - Morton Stevens & The Vultures
81:0881:16StoryFunny Parenting Stories from Kathleen and Graham
81:1782:30Drive/GiveawayHobbes plushie w/Calvin shirt giveaway ($8.85)crazycommie87--
81:2481:25RDPRDP: Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show (2)
81:2681:28PlugLive Auction of framed Magic art of Declaration in Stone from GP Escape Room--
81:28--Milestone$40K shift total--
81:2881:29RDPRDP: Bacon Pancakes in New York - Marcus Coronel
81:3081:31DiscussionTime to chill, talking about the route--
81:3181:32PlugMidnight call from James Portnow of Extra Credits--
81:3281:39PlugHobbes giveaway, silent auction review--
81:4381:52DiscussionAffirmations, wrestling, romance, a eulogy
81:48--Prank^ YOU DIED--
81:4981:49Prank^ Jojo: NOW KISS--
81:4981:50Skit^ Jordan is eulogized--
81:5181:51RDPRDP: H.E.R - Block B
81:5481:55DiscussionGraham teaches Ben his own lighting setup--
81:5582:02Video/ImageThe cheesiest of wipes, using the 1980s that came inside the video mixer--
81:5781:58RDPRDP: Ride on the Magic School Bus - Peter Lurye & Little Richard
81:5882:01DiscussionJaime tells us why it is ridiculous that Leona isn't a Star Guardian
82:0182:02DiscussionIan weebs with Jamie about Sailor Moon--
82:0282:17AuctionLive Auction of framed Magic art of Declaration in Stone from GP Escape Room (Sold for $3,100)soulshadow1
82:2082:26StoryKate Watt talks about a bad medication reaction
82:2782:30DiscussionSailor moon questions, and other challenges that are just questions
82:3083:05Discussion$6.90/$9.19 Fan Fiction Pairings
82:3383:47Drive/GiveawayKaladesh player's set #1 ($9.19)Grescheks--
82:4782:48RDPRDP: Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
82:5383:05DiscussionEveryone talks about their favorite husbando / waifu--
82:58--Enter/ExitEnter Cam--
83:0283:04StoryAsh tells about her family's awkward remembrance day story--
83:0583:09StoryJamie explains the origins of the Nihilist Three Year Old
83:0783:09ReadingCam reads some Nihilist Three Year Old tweets--
83:1183:12PlugLNDF, also Giveaway--
83:1383:16PlugSilent Auction Plugs--
83:1683:17RDPRDP: Rather Be - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne
83:1783:17RDPRDP: Red Sweater - The Aquabats
83:1783:20ShoutoutPROPOSAL! Heather to Ken - He said yes!
83:19--Milestone$45K shift total--
83:1983:19RDPRDP: Drop Pop Candy - Giga-P & Reol
83:2083:20RDPRDP: Linus and Lucy - Vince Guaraldi Trio
83:2283:22RDPRDP: Superman - Goldfinger (2)
83:22--CrashThere was a RDP casuality (crash #20)--
83:2283:23PrankHide and Seek: Kara crashed--
83:2383:27PhysicalStretch break--
83:3383:34PlugEC James Portnow call-in--
83:3583:46Video/ImageJer's New Moon video ( )
83:4183:45DiscussionTwilight New Moon Memories from DB 3--
83:5083:51RDPRDP: Pompeii (Audien Remix) - Bastille
83:5684:02SongKara sings "Defying Gravity" from Wicked[✓]
84:06--Driver Shift ChangeKate Watt / Kara's shift ends, Alex / Ian shift begins--
84:0684:09Video/ImageLupin the 3rd intro[✓]
84:07--Enter/Exit^ Enter Ian & Alex as Lupin III and Jigen[✓]--
84:0984:10DiscussionIan & Alex explain "You Laugh You Drive"--
84:10--OtherCongrats on raising more than $20--
84:1084:11Video/ImageDesert Frog squeaks, neither Ian or Alex breaks--
84:1285:00Drive/GiveawayAstro A38 wireless headset ($8.30)Chickelec--
84:1784:24FoodUnboxing the Japanese care package
84:2184:22Video/ImageKoala noises - Alex cracks--
84:2484:25Video/ImageMisheard Lyrics: Empire State of Mind - Ian cracks
84:2684:31PlugThose good good quiet auctions--
84:3184:32Video/ImageSkateboard loop fail - Alex succeeds
84:3284:33ReadingPredictive text museum review - Alex cracks--
84:3484:36ReadingPredictive text Statue of Liberty review - Ian cracks--
84:3684:37Video/ImageUgly Furniture! - Alex doesn't wait, yes he does--
84:3784:38Video/ImageMore ugly furniture - Ian succeeds--
84:3884:39OtherA request for more weeb garbage!--
84:3984:40DiscussionLeeLee names her squid Zelda friend--
84:4084:41RDPRDP Troll: Is It Playable Theme - Jer 'Plains' Petter and Alex 'Shriekmaw' Steacy