DesertBus 12 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 12 - Tech Test

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
-117:00-116:46Behind the ScenesInstagram video tour by James[✓]
-70:22-PosterPoster revision 0 posted:
-70:05-PlugFangamer shirts go on sale:
-38:07-TechnicalEstimated start of test, unknown actual start time, best guess--
-37:56-TechnicalWe notice they started testing ... --
-37:54-OtherTesting cameras / Bone Zone--
-37:47-TechnicalOverlay time is very off--
-37:40-TechnicalTech pretest ends--
-17:00-OtherAnnounced Tech Test start time--
-16:57-TechnicalTech test starts late... #BlameJohnny--
-16:57-16:57PrankOverlay message reads "Offline", even though they're online--
-16:56-TechnicalVideo opens to the room, we're A GO --
-16:55-16:47DiscussionTalking about the new room setup
-16:55-TechnicalNew Overlay Unlocked--
-16:54-TechnicalColor of Bus Cam distorted--
-16:52-TechnicalRoom fog enabled!--
-16:51-TechnicalEngineering voice (Ben, then Johnny) introduced--
-16:50-TechnicalTesting cameras--
-16:48-TechnicalIan fixing the button for the run!--
-16:47-TechnicalIntroducing Ben-cam--
-16:47-16:47DiscussionJohnny afraid of germs, confirmed--
-16:46-Enter/ExitSarah Enters (via Mic)--
-16:45-16:43PlugFugi talks about setting up a donor account--
-16:43-TechnicalGreen Screen malfunction--
-16:43-16:35DiscussionBen asks "the dreaded question" (How does the room sound?)--
-16:41-TechnicalTotal is not updating--
-16:41-16:39TechnicalAudio Sync Testing--
-16:39-16:37DiscussionIan is actively soldering, and testing Co-pilot Cam--
-16:38-16:37TechnicalDisco Lights! Followed by Ian flailing like he just don't care--
-16:37-16:35TechnicalBen takes us through the lighting setup--
-16:37-TechnicalThe overlay causes visible tearing when enabled--
-16:35-16:32TechnicalThe bone zone is dead, Long Live #KevinKorner
-16:34-PrankEggplant cam--
-16:32-16:31RDPRDP: Database - Man with a Mission ft. Takuma (Fugi's only song in the queue)
-16:31-16:30SongYellow Line - REDLINE OST--
-16:30-TechnicalOverlay problems persist!--
-16:30-16:30DiscussionFootball prediction - Cariolina Panthers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (choice: Pittsburgh) Correct: 21 (Pan)/52 (Ste)--
-16:29-16:25TechnicalTesting mobile camera and Performance Mic--
-16:29-16:26Behind the ScenesJohnny gives us a Lunar Module "Tour"
-16:27-PrankAshton enters the Johnny cam--
-16:24-16:21AuctionTest auction - DO NOT BID (or do, it's OK)--
-16:23-PrankSuper high bids detected #ModModeEnabled--
-16:20-PrankHONK HONK!!!!--
-16:19-16:16DiscussionOverlay Talk and Testing--
-16:16-TechnicalThe logo goes up on the wall!--
-16:16-16:16PrankDoctor Who Cam to Sign Off
-16:16-TechnicalTech test ends--
-16:00-PosterPoster update, now has a logo--
-05:32-Milestone$15K Operation: Ice Cream reached--